8 Ways of How to Make an Aquarius Man Obsessed with You

Are you losing your way in the maze of an Aquarius male?

When it comes to finding true love, the answer is kinda tricky. Especially if you are planning to attract a guy, how to know that you are making the right moves?

How to Make an Aquarius Man Obsessed with You

For women whose love interest is the Aquarius man, things seem even more challenging.

He is not a flirt but really hard to fall in love.

This is the guy that will keep you awake at night wondering: “Does he actually have feelings for me?” If you want to make sure that you bet is correct as well as achieve a romantic success with your dream man, it’s necessary to put some tricks under your sleeve.

So, how to make an Aquarius man obsessed with you?

Since the ancient time, our ancestors have known how to use astrology to give predictions for different aspects in life including the love matter. This means you will understand the person you love if getting to know about their birth sign.

Discussing about Aquarius, the male individual born under this sign values his independence and freedom. Thus, in the beginning of the romance, do not ask him to hang out with you more than once a week.

It takes him a very long time to truly love someone; because of that, he prefers dating at a slow pace.

Incredibly unpredictable, the male Aquarian displays nothing for you to read. It’s difficult to see what is going on inside his head. How can you get him to only pay attention to you? One thing for sure is – he is not the type easily putting his effort into anything.

The fact is that he will never make an investment into things going nowhere.

If you know how to deal with an Aquarius man in the right way, he will surely fall head over heels for you.

Here, I come with the best 5 ways that can keep his eyes only on you…

Making an Aquarius Man Obsessed with You

How to know if an Aquarius man is serious about you?

Let me explain!

Easy-going and sociable, your crush likes befriending people – he is the true definition of the people’s person. It’s not surprising if he has many acquaintances; however, he is quite picky in choosing a life mate.

At the first sight, this guy is a very friendly individual with good manners. Unexpectedly, he will instantly become a different person once getting involved in a romantic relationship.

An Aquarius in love will not open up or express his feelings easily.

If you really want to win over his heart, the best way is to dig a bit deeper into his personality traits.

Once you are successful to get him share what’s inside, you will realize that everything brought on the surface is simply his diversion.

Is it possible to break his shell and go into there?

In order to gain his trust, you need to allow him to probe you. If you see his behavior or interest towards you is no different to everybody else, do not be immediately discouraged. He is nice to all, remember!

The ultimate tip of how to keep Aquarius man hooked is not to show him everything about you inside out despite his curiosity. He dislikes routine and gets bored easily; hence, it’s better to leave an air of mystery when being with him.

Keep reading to find out the best way to his heart:

1. Pretend like he is not important to you

Pretend like he is not important to you

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about this idiom:

“Follow love and it will flee, flee love and it will follow thee.”

Your Aquarius love interest will not want to be with a partner who takes away his freedom. If you continuously show up around, he will find you annoyed and soon get fed up with.

In this case, maybe you should treat the way you’ve not treated him like before. Rather than pining over him, you should pull back – spend more time taking care of yourself. The moment he realizes not getting any call or text from you, he will start intriguing.

The more you act clingy to him, the less interested he will become.

This is a very great tip but not many women dare to try it as they think because Aquarius men will completely forget them and soon walk away.

Actually, the male does not let his mate to interfere his own time. Do not show up in front of his face 24/7, or your relationship with an Aquarius guy will never last long.

2. Discuss intellectual conversations

Discuss intellectual conversations

As an intellectual person, Aquarius finds the woman who is smart or witty is more attractive. So, if you want to make him only have his eyes on you, try to impress him with intelligent conversations.

But preparing beforehand is never unnecessary – widening your knowledge and sharpening up your language skills.

He is extensively knowledgeable about a variety of topics and things.

If you can develop a connection with him on the mental/intellectual level, this airy guy will spend his precious time with you. He may be awesome in bed but, unlike other men, sex to him is not important in a relationship. The woman with an excellent brain is more is more appealing than the one having just a hot body.

If you are confident with your wisdom, don’t mind proving him that you’re a smart lady whom he is looking for.

During a conversation, make sure you know exactly what you are talking about.

Based on his preference, you should find which topic is his favorite before starting the discussion. He will go wild if his woman has a profound understanding of all the topics that he’s interested in.

3. Take well care to yourself

Take well care to yourself

What type of woman do Aquarius men like?

An independent lady is the biggest turn on to every man belonging to this sign.

Due to his need for detachment, he expects his partner can take care of herself and does not need to depend on anyone.

Be a woman enabling to complete all the goals without a man’s presence!

Don’t be clingy. Don’t often stay around your Aquarius crush. You have a lot of things to do instead of sticking to him. It’s time to plan your life around you and set your own goals. This guy will show up if he truly wants to be with you.

Let him know that you do have a life outside of him.

In case a guy still keeps silent despite all the effort you’ve invested in him, honestly he isn’t worth your love. Trust in yourself and go with the one who will make sure you are aware of the fact he likes you.

4. Maintain the mystery for his solving

Maintain the mystery for his solving

Aquarius man has a huge curiosity to everything in his life including the woman he has feelings for. However, no matter how many questions he asks, you should not answer everything to the core.

He will get excited if discovering new things from you over time. Otherwise, exposing all the secrets in one sitting will make him lose his interest in you gradually.

So, just like an onion, you’re advised to tell this guy little by little about your life story as well as experiences.

It would be an achievement if you can keep the curiosity of an Aquarius alive over time.

He cannot resist of you once sensing your mystery floating in air. Truthfully, remaining the mystery is one of the ways to turn him on when you are figuring out how to seduce an Aquarian male.

Meet him in the eyes in order to send him clues that he may want to gain a glimpse into.
When sharing something with him, you should leave out the details which he could ask you later.

Be mysterious about your dreams, life goals; in general, give him just enough about yourself.

5. Be different from the crowd

Be different from the crowd

Wonder how to get an Aquarius man to chase you?

Keep in mind that your crush is a free thinker.

He hates being shaped in the standard or norm. He is not the person following others’ rules well; hence, he expects the same from his love interest. If you want to attract this guy, then do nothing but being yourself.

You shouldn’t follow the crowd if you don’t want him to run away.

His eyes will lay only on you if he finds you alluring and totally different from other women. It may take awhile for him to fall for you, but once you are able to captivate his heart, he’ll spend more time with you.

Aquarius approaches a relationship very slowly and cautiously due to trust issues. Not yet, with a great respect for individualism, he does not want to sacrifice his valuable time for anyone.

Thus, if he wants to invest both his time and energy into a woman, he must be certain that the one he selecting is worth it.

6. Show him the real you

Show him the real you

Never think of lying your Aquarius man – this is the guy craving only the honesty in the relationship. Most significantly, he hopes that you can comfortably express who you really are.

Be genuine and authentic when talking to him.

Rather than hiding your feelings, your man would love if his lady can strongly press out her opinions without hesitation. If you are unique, don’t be afraid of showing your uniqueness.

He’ll extremely curious to find out your true self.

If you share many common things to him, that’s no interesting. On the contrary, he will be blown away once knowing you have an utterly different taste, including food, music, and fashion, compared to other women.

Also, he will give you a plus if you are also a lady thinking outside the box.

Since he is not an expert of expressing his sentiments verbally, let him feel your heart instead. When dealing with Aquarius man in relationship, using words is not the right approach. This analytical guy should be pampered with care and security.

Don’t be too emotional when admitting your true feelings, or he will cut off from you. He just wants to make sure if you’re into him, not to see you dramatize everything.

7. Do not display your jealousy

Do not display your jealousy

The moment Aquarius man emotionally opens up to you, you will realize how adorable he is and just cannot resist him.

Among all zodiac men, he is a proven lover and definitely NOT a hunter.

If you luckily become his catch, he will find ways chasing you though it takes time to admit his feelings and accept the fact that he misses you whenever you’re not around.

But in case you want to make him obsessed to you, don’t freak out if you miss his presence. Chill out! Since this guy is cool and detached, his ideal partner will absolutely not be a needy, jealous or pushy woman.

As a naturally intellectual, independent man, he looks for someone who is as independent and intelligent as him. For him, only the open-minded lady who is able to take care of her own can live with him for a very long term.

He is not somebody that you can press hard.

Believe or not, your love interest sometimes can be stubborn to the extreme. Stubbornness is not one of his qualities; however, since he tends not to follow the rules of anybody, he will oftentimes do things against what you have said to him.

8. Shower him with surprises

Shower him with surprises

He gets bored very fast, as you already know. Thus, it is really challenging for girls in the relationship with an Aquarius male to keep him interested.

In order to get his attention, you must be super fun and keep up with his intellectual conversations. He is a curious man who loves exploring new things through a variety of exotic adventures.

You should find ways to surprise your Aquarius crush.

If you are able to charm him with a whimsical gift, gesture, or event, you will soon catch his heart. Make use of your knowledge to satisfy his child-like mind. This guy will never say no to the woman who can continuously make him wondering what will happen next.

The key to gain success with this trick is – you should ensure that he has no idea about what you are planning to do or what your next surprise is. Show him that you really put effort in this relationship and he will look at you differently.

Are you a ”positively insane” lady?

If the answer is yes, then you and Aquarius man are born for each other.

Will you and him make the best match romantically? Find out NOW!


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  1. I dealt with an Aquarius my first time he play mind games it seem like he test me concerning women and he text his ex first he lie to me in my face then days later he told me he forgot it . he shows no emotion it goes from hot to cold he can be mean and say something things out his mouth this had been a year. I broke it off still he call i block him from social media and my phone but he called me at 5 am saying wake up no i did not answer the phone tired of him testing and stupid mind games i dont believe in chasing or beging im an aries women. Dont believe in doing things to make him happy or putting up with his childless games he 58 and im 60 years old. So i ignore him not looking for an relationship with him he needs to grow up and be a man.no more dating Aquarius men. Too many lies and testing to see if im jealous or testing my intelligent. Want a real man with real feelings.

    • Hi Angel. I’m an Aires too. I understand exactly what you mean. Aqua guys usually play mind games because they taste people around them. The guy I still date after 3 long years used to say “hey wake up” out of nothing. That sounded a bit rude by the way. Aqua guys don’t know how to deal with their feelings. Simply they don’t understand because of their logical and analytical minds.
      Our relationship is like a rollercoaster, we go back and forth many times, one day we fight and the other day we love each other. Aqua guys are like the wind. After 3 years I learned something about how to deal with this guy. I could say that reading about Aquarians helped me a lot.

  2. I don’t believe these Aquarius men are worth the trouble.
    They will sabotage the whole relationship and then cry that no one loves them.

    After so many lies , testing and game playing .
    We are in the year 2020 and BARELY out of an international pandemic
    Real woman want real love passion security, romance .. Not all of the awful things that Aquarius men do .

    Block and avoid these Emotionally unavailable

    • Omgggg . I’m talking to this Aquarius man. He’s just like what your talking. Then when say let’s break up he say no we’re not. But yet he don’t give me anytime what so ever. Like I’m about ghost his ass. He’s so smart and I always leave the conversation feeling dumb. He doesn’t know how to speak with you. He’s talks at you like a damn child. So he’s been blocked


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