Is Aquarius an Earth Sign or an Air Sign? Discover NOW!

Is Aquarius an earth sign?

It is believed that 12 zodiac signs represent 12 different destinies. Thanks to astrology, we can gain a glimpse into the inner depths of each sign to help you understand yourself better.

In the zodiac, Aquarius is considered as a positive sign and an air sign.

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Aquarius is an Earth Sign…True or NOT?

what sign is aquarius

Well, according to experts, Aquarius is actually an air sign. In fact, air signs and earth signs are poles apart; plus, the water bearer is greatly influenced by traits of air elements.

The air signs are some of the most difficult persons to read, and they want it that way.

People born under the air signs are flexible, enquiring, flirtatious, and intelligent. If you see or know some excellent communicators, artists, authors, or performers, they are probably Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra.

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Aquarius’ birth month is…

Talking about the birth month of Aquarius, firstly according to the zodiac discovered by the ancient Babylonians, Aquarius is the 11th sign in the cycle. Based on that ranking, people born from January 20 to February 18 are Aquarius. This is the time when everything begins to change to welcome the spring after a long winter sleep.

Aquarius’ symbol is…

What is the symbol of Aquarius?

There are many stories based on the famous Greek gods. However, the most accurate origin of Aquarius’ symbol is the image of "the water bearer" or "the water pourer" protected by the Goddess Hera, who represents the stability and peace in marriage and family.

Water is an essential source of life for all living things on earth including humans. Not only bringing the fertility to the ground and plants, but it also becomes powerful hurricane waves that can billow and sink everything.

Aquarius has become a symbol of the water bearer who is worshiped by mankind in the hope of having a prosperous life and avoiding natural disasters till today.

Aquarius’ element is…

Which element group does Aquarius belong to?

In order to find out what is special about the Aquarius personality, astrologers have taken advantage of 4 main groups of elements including Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

More specifically, every 3 compatible zodiac signs will be sorted into an element.

In this case, based on the characteristics of Aquarius, this sign is grouped into the air team – along with Libra and Gemini, ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Therefore, they are gifted with intelligence, calmness, straightforwardness, and honesty.

Once again, the sign Aquarius belongs to the air element, not earth.

Aquarius is wise, rational, and imaginative as well.

They seem to be soft and restless. If they become too serious or stagnant about something or in a situation, they will be alert and quick to leave situations. Aquarius natives welcome change and enjoy going with the flow at all times.

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Aquarius’ compatibility is…

Which sign is compatible with Aquarius?

In the Eastern culture, people often make use of the 5 elements to consider if two parties involved in a relationship are compatible or not. How about the Westerns? They use the astrology to analyze the strong interaction as well as connection between planets in the vast galaxy.

Gemini, Libra, and fellow Aquarius are believed to be the most compatible with Aquarius, while Leo and Scorpio are the worst matches for Aquarius.

In fact, Aquarius always leaves a strong impression on others right from the first meeting thanks to their sociable and friendly personality. However, when engaging in a conversation or business, only Libra and Gemini have something in common with Aquarius as they are compatible.

When it comes to love, this zodiac sign is too rational that later will cause some mistakes and make them feel regretted.

Aquarius’ personality is…

The researchers have analyzed the image of the water bearer who protects human life to explain the question of what is the personality of Aquarius. However, in order to figure out this sign most accurately, you have to consider a lot of different factors.

Individual, mentally strong and intellectual are the strengths of an Aquarius. Whether Aquarius is a male or a female, they all possess a passionate, honest personality and always fight for justice.

Aquarius (January 20 – January 29):

You’re knowledgeable Aquarius!

People born in this period are intelligent and intellectual Aquarius. They gain so much of knowledge in life, and sometimes they do not even realize they have done so.

Aquarius (January 30 – February 8):

You are outspoken Aquarius!

These people are gifted with a cold and straightforward personality, Aquarius born around this time is quite uncomfortable if you have to communicate with some people they aren’t interested with. Due to their straightforward nature, they often make others upset.

Aquarius (February 9 – February 18):

These Aquarius are communicative people!

They are born with the ability to communicate fluently and flexibly. They are gentle, more refined, and less sarcastic.

Aquarius men:

Guys under the sign of Aquarius love freedom and adventures.

He is hyperactive and full of attractiveness. But, keep in mind that Aquarius is changeable and gets bored easily. He’s more interested in hanging out with friends than dating. Plus, him being emotionally detached can make you confused and frustrated when you two are in a romantic relationship.

Aquarius women:

They are famous for their good-looking appearance.

With a golden heart, the Aquarius female is pursued by many. Winning her heart is not easy, as you need to spend a lot of time and effort during the process. She likes freedom and new things, so prepare to take her to a long trip, a new place, etc.

Surely she will be interested!


So, is Aquarius an earth sign?

The answer is no!

Known as a sign influenced by the air element, Aquarius prefers silence, rationality and sacrifice. They are good at balancing between their professional life and personal life. Even if you have a heated argument with them, they will soon forget it instead of holding grudge.

Aquarius is full of positive energy!

In addition, Aquarius in love is a bit stubborn due to the strong influence of the goddess of marriage, Hera. As they are short-tempered people who can’t help thinking too much negative things about themselves, they end up getting nothing but unnecessary troubles for themselves. This is also the biggest weakness of this zodiac sign!

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