Do Aquarius and Sagittarius Get along (5 Things to Know)

What happens when air meets fire?

Known as the last air and fire signs in the zodiac cycle, Aquarius and Sagittarius can help each other get back to the right track and be the inspiration of one another. They feel so comfortable when getting together in any kind of relationship.

So, do Aquarius and Sagittarius get along well?

The answer is yes!

They are both in the second team of the zodiac. While the first 6 signs are full of aggression, passion, impatience, and intensity, the latter half is softer, calmer, more chill, and quite unconventional as well.

Learn more about this match in the following!

Overview of Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

aquarius and sagittarius get along

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius are carefree people who always seek freedom. They are the creators and thinkers among all zodiac signs. They are very intellectual and open-minded to all possibilities in life.

What is great about Sagittarius is that this fiery sign is gifted with natural leader qualities. When Aquarius is around the energy of Sagittarius, they can enjoy their rebellious, quirky side. One is yin and the other is yang; no wonder they complement each other perfectly.

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Sagittarius tends to put on lots of poker faces when meeting others outside. If they don’t know you well, then they will behave in a way making you believe that it’s their true personality.

Guess what?

Only Aquarius can unmask Sagittarius (the Water Bearer actually enjoys that).

These two possess charismatic qualities and appreciate the fact that both do have a large circle of friends.

1. Their energies work harmoniously together

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius and Sagittarius get along well with each other. They can understand what the other wants just by a glance. They also can help one another pick up things and solve issues in a split second.

More importantly, this relationship survives amazingly because they respect each other. If Aquarius is busy, then Sagittarius will focus on their own stuff and avoid disturbing them. They back up one another in a positive way. Together, they move at the same healthy pace, and Aquarius appreciates that due to their soulful lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Aquarius will be a great protector for Sagittarius in every circumstance. For those wondering why the Centaur needs to wear a mask, it’s because they are easygoing and often taken advantage of.

They share many common qualities.

Both are fun individuals who have a plenty of thoughts and ideas. Once getting together in a friendship or a love affair, they become sensitive to each other and constantly come up with different ways to brighten up each other.

2. They are devoted and independent to one another

This combination creates a great balance of independence and devotion in relationships.

Sagittarius got the qualities that Aquarius wants and vice versa.

Aquarius needs to be with someone who is loyal, respectful, and devoted. Significantly, they hate a partner clingy to them or trying to tied them down or even judging them. It’s great to know that Sagittarius will give Aquarius the privacy and freedom as much as they want because they do expect the same.

The connection of both is natural and strong. When being around Sagittarius, Aquarius can do whatever they would love to do without feeling afraid. No need to push or pull the other to get what they want.

This is the relationship of two healthy, open-minded, and balanced individuals.

3. They truly appreciate the company of each other

Sagittarius feels flattered and prideful when they become the reliable shoulder for Aquarius to cry on. When it comes to flirting, the Centaur is definitely the expert but of course they won’t go overboard if their crush is Aquarius.

They know the exact way to flirt and approach the Water Bearer to make them feel comfortable yet still desirable.

Honestly, this match will work incredibly for both. They rely and understand each other in a way that nobody can’t. If Aquarius brings out their mindful of ideas, Sagittarius will be the one putting them into the reality.

How to Make This Match Work Perfectly?

1. Show each other’s vulnerable side

If both want this relationship to last for a long time, I suggest that Aquarius and Sagittarius should be more vulnerable with each other. These two signs are infamous for hiding their real emotions as they don’t like the idea of showing what they truly feel to others. In the end, some may take advantage of that.

Aquarius is always gentle with Sagittarius; that explains why Sagittarius always feels safe and is not afraid around Aquarius. They can bring their true emotions to the surface and be themselves. As Aquarius expects their partner to be authentic in the relationship, Sagittarius has to remove their mask and put their guard down.

When both reveal their vulnerable side to one another, their relationship will soon receive trust and devotion in return.

2. Respect each other’s weird side

We all know that Aquarius has a weird, unconventional side; however, not everyone can see that side. They can only be as weird as possible when they feel comfortable around the person or the group of people they are in.

Influenced by the Water Bearer’s characteristics, Aquarius can’t help but absorbing emotions constantly on the daily basis. Therefore, they need to be freaky and weird to release all the energy they’ve restrained before.

An Aquarius holding back their emotions is like dealing with a ticking bomb. Fortunately, they can comfortably express themselves when staying with Sagittarius. On the other hand, Aquarius got the intelligence and intellectual stimulation the Centaur is looking for in a partner.

In Conclusion

In general, do Aquarius and Sagittarius get along?

You will see sparks from this couple, as you can see from all the things mentioned above. The only downside is that they have a hard time to make commitment since both are so open-minded.

But I do think this is also a good thing. Rather than committing to each other quickly, they will take time to explore and get to know one another better. When Aquarius and Sagittarius are paired up together, neither of them is rushing or forceful.

They just let it come up naturally and try to remain a long-lasting, healthy connection.

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