7 Accurate Facts about Aquarius Woman to Know Her Better

Aquarius woman is a unique and interesting thinker compared to others.

As an intellect, she loves to read, analyze, and write down her thoughts. When it comes to making a thoughtful conversation, it’s not even a challenge to her; especially she can discuss about any topic.

Sometimes she seems to lose her patience with those who don’t share the same level of intellect and unconventionality like her.

Keep reading to learn more facts about Aquarius woman.

Essential Things to Know about Aquarius Woman

aquarius woman facts to know

The Aquarius dates are January 20 – February 18.

1. How to attract Aquarius woman?

If you want to capture the attention of this lady, you need to be a person with a free, open mind. Be dreamy and stay true to yourself. Though she’s not good at expressing her feelings, she really loves it when you do simple little things for her. One thing for sure: Aquarius woman will fall hard if you continue showering caring gestures or acts of kindness towards her.

Send messages asking her about her working day, give her your free time, and invite her to join you in your daily activities. She doesn’t expect much; all you need is to make her feel appreciated.

She prefers to get attracted in a simple and fun way.

2. How to tell Aquarius woman is into you?

She seems to be the type hiding her feelings at first.

If the Aquarius female feels something special towards you, she will stick around you most of the time. When it comes to emotions, she is shy and reserved. It’s understandable because she never falls in love quickly.

This lady will take a moment to test you (the person she likes) to see if you are serious with this relationship. Most importantly, she wants to know whether or not you try to control her as well as take away her freedom. The moment she feels being tied down, she will run away from you.

In case she likes you, she will often tell you that you are better than others. If an Aquarius woman has an intimate conversation with you for a long period of time, it means she thinks you are the right person.

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3. How is an ideal date for an Aquarius woman?

Aquarius woman can’t handle boring things.

Therefore, if you want to give her an ideal date, remember to come up with something stimulating and social. Have you ever thought of bringing her to a concert? It would be a great idea because it’s a combination of those two aspects. Moreover, this girl deep inside has an obsession for live music.

In case you don’t want the hectic atmosphere like a concert, I recommend you to take her to a little jazz club where her favorite band or singer is performing. She will definitely so in love with that, and what can be more amazing than you two share those moments together.

4. How is Aquarius woman in a love relationship?

Aquarius woman in love asks for intellectual stimulation. As an intellect, that’s the first thing she needs to make her excited and keep her interested in her partner. If you can’t make good conversations, she will soon feel bored.

This girl enjoys long chats with interested topics; plus, she also loves all the talks about the future as they give her reasons to open up about her plans or live in her imagination land. In a love romance, an Aquarius requires an honest and open relationship. She needs someone who can help her express her feelings well.

For a committed engagement, you should respect her dynamic, progressive lifestyle. In return, she will never stop inspiring and supporting you to reach your goals.

5. How does Aquarius woman handle heartbreak?

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius woman, then you surely know that she is emotionally detached. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you; however, it’s not as strong and deep as others. Thus, her heart-breaking experience is not really that bad like you may expect.

She doesn’t get hurt deeply.

Well, she may feel insecure at the beginning of a break up; nonetheless, just give her a couple of days and she can come back stronger than ever. You will never see the Aquarius female crying hopelessly due to heartbreak. She in fact has much more worthy things to do than wasting her energy feeling vulnerable.

6. How is Aquarius woman when she gets mad?

In case you make an Aquarius woman mad, she will immediately stop talking to you and lock herself away in her room. She will look for something interesting to do or simply listen to her favorite music to calm her mind and feel better. That’s why she values her private space a lot. When this lady is upset, she will intentionally ignore the source causing her anger for as long as possible; in this case, it’s you. Don’t try looking for her because she won’t come back until she calms down.

Much worse, if she is in a mode of extreme infuriation, nothing can help her relax and she ends up losing her temper. Never argue against her when she is launching out her negative feelings. It costs her a while to talk to you again after the whole mess happened.

7. What does Aquarius woman fear the most?

As a social butterfly, the only one thing that she fears is probably getting isolated from everyone, especially the people she loves. Aquarius woman can’t handle the idea of losing anyone who is close to her. She hates that idea and never wants it to come true at all. If you (whom she considers important) suddenly cut her out of your life one day, she will hurt so badly.

In Conclusion

The information above is some simple facts about Aquarius woman.

This lady is a mystery that most people want to figure out. She is the combination of opposing ideas: independent and giving, loving and detached, sensitive and cold, freedom loving and independent, or rebellious and loyal. Sometimes she even can’t understand herself.

Consider yourself lucky if having an Aquarius woman as your love partner in life. She will light up your world and be a great support to whatever you do.

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