The Dark Side of Aquarius and 5 Things You Need to Know

The dark side of Aquarius is actually not as dark as you think.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are intelligent, friendly, easygoing, cool and unique. However, not many know that they also have a cold and ruthless side.

A typical Aquarius radiates positive energy wherever they go and has no problem getting along with others. But, if you’ve known or been in a relationship with them for a long time, you will surely agree with me that they lack emotions.

Keep reading to know more about Aquarius dark side!

5 Negative Traits of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

aquarius dark side

As I said, the dark side of Aquarius isn’t really dark but it’s obvious.

Here are the 5 Aquarius personality traits that trouble others:

1. They lack emotions and can be robotic

Well, Aquarius natives are infamous for being emotionally detached in all situations, even love relationships. They make decisions with the head only and refuse to wear the heart on their sleeves.

Sometimes it’s easier for us to cope with an issue using emotions and feelings, but that will never happen to Aquarius. They are rational, logic-driven individuals that analyze each circumstance based mainly on fact and reasoning. Due to that, not only it’s hard for them to connect with others, but they also have a difficult time to solve their own problems.

If you’re in love with an Aquarius, you must accept the fact that they are unemotional. They may seem friendly, but actually it takes her a long time to open up and reveal her vulnerable side. Even if they really want to express their inner feelings, still a part of them feel insecure and stop them from doing that.

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2. They prefer to stay alone most of the time

Aquarius is usually described as distant people.

With a free-spirited nature, they tend to live and do things based on the ‘no string attached’ rule. They love freedom and will run away once feeling being tied down in any relationship. They enjoy being a part of a group, but at the same time they are independent and want to explore the world alone.

Probably the capacity of an Aquarius is to stay detached in all situations. Even their family member or closest friends can alienate them. Actually they feel nothing bad about this – they enjoy being alone and doing whatever they want without being disturbed. In this case, it makes them only become more detached than before.

Being alone may be not a healthy lifestyle to some, but Aquarius finds it better than letting anyone enter their inner circle. Intimacy and closeness scare them, and they need a long period to adapt to that.

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3. They are stubborn

Maybe their stubbornness is just a bit lower than Taurus’s.

Aquarius natives are impossible to sway. Once they already make their decisions, they will stick to that and no one can change their mind. On the bright side, this is a good trait when they fight for humanitarian rights. However, if you work with her in a team, it’s frustrated as Aquarius won’t listen to your opinions.

They usually behave like they are the type open-minded enough to absorb all the stories of others. Nevertheless, they are likely to close their ears in their mind and deep inside will never agree with all the things you say.

Aside from being stubborn about their own opinions, they also determined that they are right. They have the confidence making them believe 100% in themselves – no one has faith in them more than themselves.

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Aquarius will rebel against anyone who tries to block them from their own freedom. They value and need freedom to think and do all the things in life. Don’t try to argue with them, especially when you two are in a relationship, because she will make sure she not ends up losing.

4. They might look like a hypocrite

I have to say that Aquarius is paradoxical in nature.

We all know Aquarius is a social butterfly and has no difficulty in making friends in the first meeting. They prefer the ‘me time’ most of the time and won’t hesitate to isolate themselves for no certain reasons.

In a love relationship, they are the kind of person expecting something exclusive from their loved one. But then they decide to keep things normal in order to maintain her freedom and independence.

People may find this paradoxical zodiac sign frustrating…why?

Well, please know that Aquarius is not contradicting themselves intentionally. They may look like a hypocrite on the outside, but that’s not what she wants others to see and think about her. Though they are known as one of the most open-minded and progressive signs, their stubbornness is hopeless.

You may be driven crazy when dealing with an Aquarius, but that makes them unique and help them bring out their complex personality effortlessly.

5. They lack empathy

Though the dark side of Aquarius is not dangerous, their lack of empathy may cause emotional pain to people surrounding them. They find it hard to understand and empathize with others’ feelings.

They are intellectual and see things with a rational, forthrightly viewpoint; thus, the way they express their thoughts sometimes can make sensitive people feel insulted.

Check this video for more negative traits:

The Bottom Line

You already know about the dark side of Aquarius…!

What unique about Aquarius natives is their ability of remaining emotional distance with people around them. Their yearning for freedom sets them apart from the world and creates some dark side behaviors. They may become narcissistic, uncompassionate, and complicated.

Much extreme, their standoffishness makes them a stubborn person who acts without considering if it affects others.

If you still feel confused about this topic, then freely leave your comments below and we will soon send you our reply.


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11 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Aquarius and 5 Things You Need to Know”

  1. being an aquarius,
    you’ve underestimated the star aquarius we can be darker than you think and the reason we isolate ourselves is so we dont blow up and do something far beyong imagination you just cant read us that well take a peak inside our minds and you’ll run screaming

    • Yap exactly and I myself is an aquarius and I disagree to what tegy say about they are not that much dangerous. We don’t want to blown up and destroy everything that hts why we isolat ourselves but sometimes we want to just live alone I fell happy when I am alone in the house

  2. My first husband is an Aquarius and he use to beat the holy hell out of me. So yes I’ve seen the darkest side of them. We are not together anymore.

    • I am not justifying his behavior but he decided to become a product of his environment and you got the ugly side. I hope you found your healing and I to was abused but by another ‘zodiac sign’ I ‘m an Aquariaus some of have the biggest hearts but we hide them

  3. Some people, actually not some but everyone never understands that sometimes we just need to be alone,that we tend to enjoy our alone time, that us being alone sometimes is for their own good. Nobody seems to get that.

    I’m a proud Aquarius. I’m the humanitarian of the zodiac but sometimes humans make me literally wanna scream….. Like Banshee kinda scream.

  4. They are very Evil People an Aquarian nearley killed Me and all I did was be kind and look after Him never again will I let an Aquarian come into My life and His was hygiene was nil.

  5. My sister is Aquarius and a pathological liar. She’s tortured me my whole life and still does and she’s 80 now. Now a new roommate is triple Aquarius and he plays a lot of mind games and tries to manipulate me. It doesn’t help that I have a fix T square: Scorpio, Taurus , Leo. But my synthesis is Aquarius and my Capricorn ascendant is intercepted by Aquarius

  6. I am sadden by some of the comments and I am in no way perfect. Some of these Aquarius men need some major therapy and I am female Aqua…. I am survivor too. Anyone touches me that’s when the demons will come out other then that I am chill leaving in la land


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