Are Aquarius Freaky in Bed (a Glimpse at Their Freaky Side)

Are Aquarius freaky?

If you are dating an Aquarius, then you easily get familiar with their freaky side. We all know the Water Bearer, astrologically, is weird and quirky. When they are around the people close to them, they will let their freak, rebellious side run wild.

This freaky aspect is obvious when this zodiac sign is in the bedroom. They will come up with unique experiments to please their partner. By looking at their personality traits, you can find out what an Aquarius in bed likes.

How freaky can Aquarius get?

Learn more details in the following!

6 Irresistible Signs of Aquarius in Bed

aquarius are freak in bed

1. They love to please their partner

The primary goal of an Aquarius in bed is to please the one they love.

Confident and skilled in this aspect, they will show their partners what is the true pleasure. They may be stingy with time and money; however, they will always be generous with their affections. They make sure to bring you satisfaction only when you two are in the bedroom.

Don’t hesitate to suggest your idea to Aquarius, no matter how weird it sounds. At least you can be assured that your Aquarius mate won’t mind trying it with you because nothing is freakier than they are.

Challenging their quirks in sexuality will make them love you deeply.

2. They are experimental

For those who think Aquarius is shy in bed, then you should consider again.

Extremely experimental, they are likely to try anything that can please their partners at least once. Aquarius loves exploring new things and has the mind of a scientist. They are analytical, experimental, and thoughtful. But what surprises me the most is that they bring these qualities into the bedroom.

Making love with their partners is like doing experiments in the lab.

If you are dating with an Aquarius, then prepare yourself to be taken to a new world full of their new sexual experiences. They enjoy trying freaky things in bed and look for a partner that can satisfy his curiosity.

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3. They keep changing things up

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius-born individuals will try anything at least once in bed; however, never expect him to keep doing the same old thing all the time. If you think of having sex with Aquarius as a daily schedule (same place, same positions, and same time), then they will get bored soon.

When it comes to sex, most people born under this zodiac sign believe that variety will surely adds more spice to the bedroom. They will lose their interest with routines and ordinary positions.

Don’t know how to keep your Aquarius lover interested in bed?

The answer is that you have to change things up willingly.

The place doesn’t have to be the bedroom all the time. Search for somewhere new that neither of you hasn’t tried before. Or much simpler, let’s think of a new position or some sexy games. They will definitely appreciate your effort in satisfying them even if that’s not what they prefer.

4. They are very playful

When looking for a partner in love, Aquarius needs someone who can be not only a thoughtful lover but also a fun best friend. What can be more amazing than a combination of love and lust? If they finally find that person, they will be devoted to them immediately.

Due to Aquarius personality traits, they won’t commit to anyone in certain easily unless they believe that one is their significant other. They love to be around a lover that can make them laugh and treat them like a close friend.

But, most importantly, they must share a strong physical connection.

Being in love with their best friend, Aquarius can help being playing and sweet when both are having sex. They like cuddling with the person they love in a committed relationship. Keep in mind that you should be comfortable to giggle along with their stories and not take sex too seriously.

They do enjoy a passionate love making, but it would be greater to have fun too. Don’t make it like a chore or an obligation of both parties; otherwise, they will get turned off instantly.

The moment they hug you and call you their best friend after having sex means they really love you.

5. They open up with you sexually

Does your Aquarius partner open up when you two are in bed?

Once deciding to share the bed with that person, tell yourself that it’s significant to open up sexually to them. Again, they won’t settle for someone who is boring in the bedroom; in fact, they need a lover living up in their fantasies.

Aquarius is willing to try everything sexually. They got the capacity of helping their partner relaxed and comfortable. If you want to please them in bed, then open up to them and let them explore your body as well as sexuality.

Don’t turn your sex life with an Aquarius into an unrepressed one.

You are on a free ride when you’re in a relationship with Aquarius. Become his soulmate and you won’t miss out anything in the sack.

6. They are not the shy type in bed

Aquarius is never shy or reserved in this aspect.

Sometimes they can come off as tactless and insensitive as Sagittarius because they can’t sugarcoat or tell lies. They have no idea that what they do and say sometimes can hurt others unintentionally. Not only brave and honest in the daily life, Aquarius is also daring and bold when it comes to sex.

With a high level of confidence, they barely feel shy in bed. They are eager to be with someone who is confident with their body and in taking control them. Just tell Aquarius what you want sexually. Be honest with your suggestion as not a single idea can make him shy or embarrassed.

Share your wildest dreams with him and he can never say ‘no’ to you.

Final Words

So, are Aquarius freak?

Surely they are, and that’s more obvious when they are in bed.

If you want to seduce an Aquarius in reality, please be open and don’t mind trying out new things. Keep up with their pace and willingly follow their creative suggestions. It would be much greater if you can share your own ideas.

An Aquarius will never say no to any of your suggestions.


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