Aquarius And Leo Friendship: How They Get Along Well?

Aquarius and Leo can be the best of friends or worst of enemies…it depends on how they treat each other.

aquarius and leo friendship 2019 compatibility

When these two zodiac signs come together, they will make a striking friendship.

Aquarius is all about creativity, ideas, and vision while Leo has strength and also inventiveness. They share quite many things in common, from characteristics to preferences.

This is the partnership full of energy and liveliness!

As both are zealous and have a great love for action and adventure, there will be not a dull moment when they hang around. Sometimes debates may occur between them occasionally, but overall they are affable and caring to each other.

So, how Aquarius and Leo can get along?

Keep reading to get in-depth information about Aquarius and Leo friendship.

Friendship Compatibility for Aquarius and Leo

Both Aquarius and Leo have a huge admiration for each other.

The Lion appreciates all ideas and innovation of the Water Bearer; on the other hand, the Lion’s energy and strength leave a big impression for the Water Bearer.

According to Aquarius personality traits, Aquarius is very intelligent and always come up with new schemes most of the time; the thing is that they lack skills and vivacity to put those schemes to action, which is completely Leo’s capacity.

These two signs value their freedom, and this is often one of the reasons leading to problems between them. In addition, conflicts also arise if Leo often tries to dominate Aquarius too much, or because Aquarius seems too aloof.

They are similar and different at the same time.

Aquarius thinks that Leo is too ambitious and zealous; meanwhile, Leo feels that Aquarius is too undependable. However, if they truly cherish this relationship and treat each other as true friends, they will get over all difficulties.

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  • Ruled by Saturn and Uranus


    • Diligence (Saturn)
    • Innovation & inventiveness (Uranus)

Fixed sign

  • Ruled by the Sun


    • Life and energy

Fixed sign

Who can can go along well with Aquarius the most?

Of all signs in the zodiac, Aquarius is compatible with Leo’s energy and momentum. Moreover, an Aquarius company usually provides inspiration and great support to the Lion from behind so that Leo can find their spotlight with ease. Simultaneously, the enthusiastic lion always gets amazed by the intellectual water bearer’s visions.

When being together, this friendship could remain for a long term.

Not only achieving success as a team, but Aquarius and Leo also attain great triumphs individually as well.

At the first glance, you may think that they are very different (especially in interests); nonetheless, these two zodiac signs actually create a compatible pair.

Aquarius and Leo compatibility percentage:

The rate is up to 80%.

While Aquarius does not know how to put their ideas into practice, Leo will instantly show up and give their friend motivation and encouragement. It’s good to have a Leo company as they are straightforward and never keep things in mind.

Again, Leo feels impressed with the creativity and vision of Aquarius.

Aquarius values friendship a lot, even more than love relationships; together, both remain loyal to each other and enable to accomplish anything excellently as a team.

What is most remarkable about Aquarius and Leo friendship?

When they are paired up, they will make a combination filled with action and excitement. Adventurous and having a yearning to live a fullest life, neither of them remains idle. This partnership, whatever the situation is, always comes up with new ideas and has the ability to put them all into action.

Aquarius and Leo as friends represent an incredible match of innovation and activity.

Aquarius and Leo Trust

If you look at the relationship of Aquarius and Leo from a certain distance, it seems like everything is clear and good. Nevertheless, both have to face the challenge of truth as always.

It takes these two quite a long time to completely trust each other because they have to search for the truth in their partnership indeed.

At first, Aquarius and Leo could find such amazing understanding from each other; also, they respect the freedom for both companies. The thing is – they will wonder immediately about how much they have actually known or learnt about each other as soon as they separate.

They find it hard to trust people as their trust is usually taken for granted.

But I do believe they will be able to put down the guard once they recognize the sympathy towards one another.

Aquarius and Leo Communication

Both Aquarius and Leo are heroes in their own way.

Aquarius dedicates their lives reaching for heroism and can’t help but seeking ways to break free from repression; meanwhile, Leo is an in-born hero but sometimes does not realize that.

When these two signs team up and fight for the same purpose, they could even rule the world. If wanting to deal with big things together, Aquarius and Leo must end all the conflicts as well as arguments they have with each other.

Astrologically, the negative energy produced from their unnecessary fights will leave a huge impact on the longevity of their friendship.

As a zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is capable of seeing and giving clarity to any situation. They may get confused or lost sometimes, but if you think carefully about all the moments spent with them, you will realize that the lion has really brought much clarity into your life.

Aquarius, on the other hand, can’t stand of the routines and understands the necessity of change strongly. They provide Leo a spark to ignite and excite in any possible circumstance.

The enthusiasm of Aquarius and passion of Leo are key factors to keep this friendship for life.

In Conclusion

Generally, Aquarius and Leo friendship is worth being protected.

Despite the differences from each individual, they do share something in common that could help their partnership remain for a great length.

Together they will support and complement each other. More thoughtful and sincere conversations will give them the opportunity to understand each other on the deeper level. Don’t get stuck with the unnecessary ego, or the misunderstanding between these two signs will grow bigger and explode soon.

Nurturing the inner emotional feelings is also important.

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