How to Seduce an Aquarius Man (with 5 Proven Tips)

Right now you may wonder how to seduce an Aquarius man?

The hardest challenge for women who want to capture the heart of an Aquarius native is that he is an outgoing, sociable person. He loves to make friends and communicate with others; thus, you often find him surrounded by a lot of people in general.

Because of that, it’s difficult for you to find the perfect moment to approach him.

Keeping him hooked is another tough task as he is not interested in the ordinary or routine. Typical seduction techniques just don’t work on this guy; fortunately, we can help you catch his attention with the information below.

It’s time to make him go weak in the knees…

5 Ways to Turn on an Aquarius Man

tips to seduce aquarius man

Remember these principles before seducing your Aquarius man:

  • Don’t act clingy, needy, or emotional
  • Use your confidence, intellect, and sensuality to draw him into your arms
  • Be mysterious and captivate his heart with new things about you every day
  • Be a generous, optimistic, and helpful lady
  • Don’t offend his social circle

If you are having an eye on an Aquarian male out there and wish to attract him, then stop thinking about being cute, adorable, or sexy. He is not the type of guy falling for your appearance at first; in fact, he’s more into your brain.

He is an intellectual person, and usually it’s his creative mind guiding him in handling all the matters. So, as long as you can stimulate his intellect, you will surely have a spot in his heart. Despite having many friends in the circle, he is a loner who only opens up to those he feels truly close and intimate.

Make sure you do research about a lady who is intelligent, witty, independent, and a bit edgy before starting your plan. Don’t quickly approach him romantically or sensually; instead, try to be his best friend firstly.

Have a look at the following tips:

1. Always come up with new, interesting ideas

If you want to seduce an Aquarius man, then be on the ball.

He will fall head over heels if you can impress him with intelligent and witty conversations. Don’t be shy when talking with him – the Aqua guy loves to hear everything, so freely tell him about your interesting experiences in life as well as share your thoughts about the world.

Keep all of your talks lightly, interesting, and original; most essential, he wants you to comfortably express your beliefs and opinions. He doesn’t mind if both have different ideas; in fact, he would love to have a friendly debate with you.

2. Display your quirky side

You shouldn’t act like a typical girl because he gets bored of that easily.

If you want to be a big turn on for your Aquarius man, then the keyword is ‘outside the box’. Yes, from the way you dressing, thinking to behaving, please be true to yourself and don’t just follow the crowd. He will not laugh at your eccentricities, so don’t be reserved or coy about that.

Aquarius is known as a rare sign. Thus, be the unique version of yourself and play it up confidently whenever you are around him; soon, he can’t get over you for sure.

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3. Keep an air of mystery

Similar to Scorpio men, Aquarius men also prefer mysterious ladies.

It doesn’t mean you act cold and distant toward him. Actually, you can be friendly but also remain yourself a bit aloof and mysterious. Please avoid revealing everything about your personal life in the first encounter with an Aquarian male. Save intimate details and unveil bit by bit to surprise him every day.

At the same time, you shouldn’t ask much about his personal life also. He won’t open up in the first meeting, and don’t make him think of you as an inquisitive person. Keep a cool, collected, and calm attitude when talking with him.

4. Be an independent woman

Of all qualities, Aquarius men find an independent woman is the most attractive.

When searching for a potential partner, independence is one of the essential qualities that an Aqua guy needs. Rather than acting clingy and dependent on him all the time, he is more attracted to a gal who is ambitious at work, is good at making plans for herself, and focuses on her own life.

So, if you want to seduce this man, don’t just stick with him all the time. Spend more time with your close friends or participating in different activities. Prove your Aquarius that you still can stand on your own feet with or without him.

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5. Open your mind

Want to become an Aquarius man’s girlfriend?

If so, you must be a girl with an open mind and not getting shocked easily because your love interest is an adventurous guy. His goal is to live this life to the fullest and he won’t be afraid of trying as well as experiencing all new and innovative ideas.

When he suggests visiting adventures to exotic, eclectic places, show your willingness and interest in his ideas. Traveling together with you and discovering the uniqueness of the world will be irresistible to this man.

The Bottom Line

So, know you finally know how to make an Aquarius man.

In addition to all the above, you should play down romance, be close to him as a friend, respect his privacy, give him alone time and space, focus on your own life, and not force him to make commitment.

As long as you can attract and turn on this guy, then you will be able to hold on to him for a long time. Don’t make him jealous or drag him into a dramatic situation as these two are the biggest turns off to him.

As a freedom lover, he doesn’t need a clingy girlfriend in his life.

In case you’ve tried all the tips in this articles but he still doesn’t turn on and seem romantic enough, then maybe you two are not compatible with each other.

Leave your comment below if having any question about how to seduce an Aquarius man.

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