Top 5 Signs Make the Best Match for Aquarius Men

Who can be the best match for Aquarius men?

In comparison with other guys, Aquarius men are the creative, intellectual, and analytical type.

Born with great curiosity for people and objects, he accepts things in this life as the mental challenge and can’t help learning about everything around him.

He is very friendly and easy-going; that’s why he has lots of acquaintances.

This man shows up with unique traits and qualities of Aquarius, making him the most likable guy in women’s eye.

Who Can Be the BEST Match for Aquarius Men?

Let’s find out the best match for Aquarius men when it comes to Aquarius compatibility in love.

Among 12 zodiac signs, the woman of which signs can get along with men born under Aquarius?

Could it be Capricorn, Gemini, or Aquarius?

If you are having an eye on a male Aquarius, it would be fun to gain insight into his love compatibility and see if the combination of you and him is the best or the worst.

In the following are 5 signs that make the amazing partner of an Aquarius man:

1. Aquarius man and Gemini woman

Aquarius man and Gemini woman

When Aquarius and Gemini come together in a romantic relationship, they will create a “once in a lifetime” pair.

Love is always in the air between these two.

Too compatible, the male and female of this combination will be true friends for life and soulmates in everything. Born under two air signs, they have a strong, unbreakable connection that goes really deep.

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Without explanation, they can read what is going on in each other’s head.

This is surely a relationship likely to last forever.

On the emotional level, Aquarius man can go along well with Gemini woman in most areas of life. Although they may argue sometimes, that does not matter to their trust on the other.

They both enjoy the freedom, so this couple can be together for a very long term without being tied up by a commitment. In fact, it wouldn’t be so surprising if they never truly settle down.

The possibility of distance of course will happen, but Aquarius and Gemini can work this out well as usual. No matter what occurs, they enable to solve all through seriously deep, logical dialogues. While he is intelligent and analytical, she is on the other hand quite shallow and unthoughtful.

Unexpectedly, a free-thinking Aquarius may come across as a stubborn, rigid boyfriend to a Gemini woman. Although this is not a huge issue of the two, the male needs to control his tendency to become analytical to every little small thing. Besides, the female should update more knowledge to satisfy her mate’s investigative nature.

Despite the strong sense of individuality, they assure not to let it influence their relationship.

The compatibility of Aquarius man and Gemini woman is pretty high.

He always craves of intelligent, witty conversations, and only Gemini can keep up with his fast pace. Vibrant and versatile, this lady and her agile, witty mind will stir up curiosity of Aquarius. Since he gets bored easily, her changeable nature will somewhat draw his attention like right away.

This couple can satisfy their thirst for new adventures, new experiences, and the variety of life.

Aquarius man and Gemini woman relationship will outlast because they have the foundation built on friendship, stimulation, and challenge, not just physical attraction like other combinations.

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2. Aquarius man and Libra woman

Aquarius man and Libra woman

Pair up an Aquarius man with a Libra woman romantically, an interesting couple will be created – together they can either sparkle or sink.

Overall, this is a great match if two involved individuals have the right approach. With a good rate of compatibility, the relationship of Aquarius and Libra can guarantee the longevity and happiness.

These two are both air signs, so both can meet each other on the same level.

In reality, they are knowledgeable, social, and excellent communicators. They value and respect their partner’s thoughts and abilities, as well as always support and inspire each other.

Most surprisingly, only the Libra female enables to bring out the romantic side of this cool, distant male.

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In order to avoid future conflicts, both should watch out the way they cope with disagreements. Rather than following the natural tendency of an Aquarius and a Gemini, these two are advised to stay calm and silent. Make a serious conversation instead of yelling at each other.

Learn to understand and accept the flaw mutually so that this relationship will have the chance to go further.

When these two gets involved in the love romance, this couple will not lack in-depth conversations. They can connect with each other on the mental level; thus, don’t be surprised if they get enthusiastic over something at the same time.

Between them is a mutual respect allowing both to share the best of them to the other.

While he is not the emotional type, she is quite a bit emotionally driven. However, in a relationship, she will not use her emotions to impede on the freedom of her Aquarius. Because of this, he feels comfortable when being with Libra and even expresses his inner feelings and secrets to her.

The Libra female is certainly the best match for Aquarius men when it comes to marriage.

One thing for sure, the lady can see the long lasting potentiality of this relationship before the guy can. It’s not even an issue if Aquarius man takes a long time to commit, since he is a logical person yearning for independence.

Luckily, the Libra female is patient enough to wait for him.

These two don’t have many differences that make them involve in clashes. They often address all kinds of conflicts easily; this advantages them to increase their relationship longevity.

3. Aquarius man and Aquarius woman

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman

So, how about the match of Aquarius with another Aquarius?

The moment two Aquarius get together romantically, they will create as an ideal union. Sharing the same qualities of the Aquarius sun sign, they make the best allies and can rule the world easily.

He will immediately know what is going on in his lady’s head since she embodies almost all aspects of himself. It’s her intelligence, friendliness, and creativity that attract Aquarius man the most.

The key to keep passion alive in this relationship is – both the male and female should add a bit of sensitivity to their need for freedom. Spend time having fun together instead of drifting too far from each other.

Both partners are rational thinkers even when they are madly in love.

Not easily ruled by the heart, this is the combination of two individuals cold and distant. Overall, the compatibility of Aquarius man and Aquarius woman is kinda good, but there’s no passion between them.

These two are connected to each other on the highly intellectual level.

Because of this, no emotional approach is found in this union. The alliance of two Aquarius will put an end to anger and fury from both sides. This somehow is impressively good, but a relationship without passion cannot last long.

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As you may know, aloofness is a weak point of people born under this sign.

Have you ever wondered what will happen with two aloof Aquarius as a couple?

I can tell you the Aquarius-Aquarius partnership has a very shallow connection on the emotional level and is short of tenderness. Fortunately, each is the free-spirited, outgoing individual; hence, both could make a lively couple.

They are able to go further if knowing to balance well between their need for independence and personal connection. The two have to either embrace the partner’s shortcomings or work harder together to understand the depth of each other emotionally.

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman will have a powerful bond of affection. They do possess the analytical spirit which can help both make deep intellectual conversations and strengthen the understanding for each other.

Once two highly objective and free-thinking minds can maintain the chemistry in the relationship, this relationship will give power to two Aquarius to inspire each other.

4. Aquarius man and Aries woman

Aquarius man and Aries woman

Wondering how compatible are Aquarius man and Aries woman?

Undoubtedly, this is an exciting duo which has no dull moment between them. Aquarius and Aries may not remain in a romantic relationship for a long term; however, there’s groundbreaking potential in the relationship here.

Both the male and female will never get bored of each other, as they are insanely adventurous and always come up with thrilling ideas.

In any aspect of life, these two will grab every chance to explore new things in order to satisfy their curiosity. It would be more awesome for Aquarius and Aries to live this life to the fullest together as a team.

As time goes by, other couples will gradually be fed up with one another. Nevertheless, the two involved here never find their company annoying or boring. They often spend time having fun with the other. But, importantly, they balance well between hanging out with their family and friends and loved one, and even give themselves the ‘me’ time.

This seems like a good match; actually, the view on everything of both sides is very different.

She is indecisive sometimes, passionate, and enthusiastic, and he is indifferent and forward-thinking. The two are confident and stubborn which can impact positively and negatively on the relationship.

The strength of the Aquarius man and Aries woman combination is their yearning for adventure.

This pairing seems to be tricky in reality. Everything associated to the man is all about  independence, compassion, and intelligence; on the other hand, she has the mind of a warrior. Her ambition sometimes could turn an Aquarius off as he thinks of her as a selfish person. In turn, Aries finds her partner too superior and overly-distant.

Not to mention that his broad-minded nature will turn on her jealousy.

For the improvement, the woman should learn to tap into the man’s emotional side via communication.

The moment these two can handle the difference of their character, then this relationship will potentially grow deeper.

5. Aquarius man and Leo woman

Aquarius man and Leo woman

If Aquarius men look for the partner who can balance or complement them perfectly, well then women born under Leo sun sign will be a great match.

When a fiery lady meets an airy guy, a bonfire will happen between them. Astrologically, fire needs air to burst up. So this combination has great potential to develop romantically.

This is the pair of two fixed signs, Aquarius and Leo are very stubborn. However, if they can reach a compromise, their partnership will not face any dooming difficulty.

The Aquarius compatibility with Leo is seen as the “opposite attraction”.

The difference from each individual allows them to complement each other like two puzzle pieces matching up perfectly.

When a cool-headed, emotionally detached male is in the relationship with a Leo, he will be melted because of her intense, deeply passionate approach. Moreover, her warmth,  sincerity, and open-heartedness will influence positively on his impersonal and aloof nature.

Her demand for independence is completely different from his.

While Aquarius man needs his freedom to do whatever he wants as well as isolate from the world, his woman wants to have her own space to shine or catch the public attention.

These two individuals are extremely charismatic and beloved.

She is an impassioned lady who only follows what her heart says without asking for approval or permission. Similarly, he doesn’t want to be under control of anyone. Both of them value freedom greatly; this includes respecting the others’ freedom.

Again, Aquarius man rarely displays his emotions.

Therefore, if Leo woman wants to win his heart, she should not go across the line on her demands; otherwise, this guy will surely run away. Keep in mind that he could turn into a ruthless person once his freedom is taken away.

When coping with any matter, he utilizes his logical and intellectual mind.

The relationship of Aquarius man and Leo woman can lead to a successful marriage, since these two agree to take turns managing the family together. Also, they are pretty  compatible in raising children.

Together, they will have a strong bond and be able to work towards mutual respect.


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