14 Freaky Facts about Aquarius that NOT Many People Know

Independent, intellect, and creativity are the traits that I really admire of a person.

Surprisingly, all are prominent characteristics of Aquarius. They can be creative, adventurous, independent, and sarcastic simultaneously. As the 11th sign in the zodiac, Aquarius are believed to be unique and progressive.

I personally think those born under this astrological sign are unpredictable and hard to read because they barely reveal their thoughts or feelings.

Do you want to understand them better?

Here are some freaky facts about Aquarius that will surely blow your mind!

What are Interesting Facts of Aquarius?

discover interesting facts of aquarius

Fact 01: Love intellectual people with humor sense

They will have a good impression about you if you are able to make them laugh and think hard. Aquarius are indeed intellects and love to stay around those with an incredible sense of humor.

Fact 02: Value their private space

Want to keep an Aquarius by your side forever?

The key is to respect their private space. Don’t act as a clingy lover; whenever they need their ‘me time’, leave them alone. Keep showing your needy attitude and they will immediately ignore you.

Fact 03: Enjoy discovering new things

Like Sagittarius and Gemini, Aquarius is not into routine or anything asking them to repeat the same tasks as they get bored easily. These unconventional individuals expect new, adventurous journeys in life.

If you wish to be loved by an Aquarius, make sure you know how to keep them entertained most of the time.

Fact 04: Loyal and faithful in love

Despite being out of ordinary and getting bored quickly, Aquarius natives are loyal and faithful in love. Once they find the true partner, they will give that person everything and also embrace them with the love from deep within their heart.

In case you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, consider yourself lucky.

Fact 05: Not good at showing emotions

Aquarius finds it hard to communicate because they are not good at expressing their feelings or thoughts by words. That explains why they can’t handle emotional talks; it’s better for them to act rather than to make an essay about certain things.

It’s pretty difficult to predict what an Aquarius is thinking or plans to do next. They put their emotions on display in a subtle way all the time; that explains why you hardly witness Aquarius heartbroken.

Fact 06: Always say the truth

If you want to hear what you want to hear, don’t ask Aquarius. Why? This sign is honest and can’t tell lies. They are known for always saying the truth and also not interested in the flattery from others.

They prefer simple and straightforward conversations.

Along with Virgo, Aquarius is the #2 option for anyone seeking useful, sincere advice.

Fact 07: Shower the lover with everything

When an Aquarius loves you, they are willing to do anything for you. However, don’t push him too far with your arrogant attitude. The moment they know you only take advantage of them, they will withdraw immediately and never look back.

They are the expert in observing and analyzing what is going on around them. Hence, there’s no chance to mess around with them.

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Fact 08: Never follow the crowd

Keep in mind that Aquarius is not the type following the crowd. They won’t try to fit in with any group, even their so-called friends, because they just don’t like it. Known as the social butterflies, you may think that their social group is big. The truth is you can count their best of friends with the fingers.

Easygoing and friendly, they can be acquainted with most people; nevertheless, not many can enter their inner circle.

Fact 09: Not want to be rude in any situation

A smile of Aquarius is sometimes not really a smile.

You often find them put on a smile, but did you know that they are trying to not ruin the mood of the current situation?

They just don’t want to be rude – get to know an Aquarius better and you will know that they have an industrial smile to deal with awkward circumstances.

Fact 10: Not give the second chance

An Aquarius won’t hate anyone unreasonably.

For those questioning whether the Aquarius person hates you or not, the answer is they won’t give even a glance to the one they hate. They would hate you for life if you’ve done anything that hurts their feelings. Don’t expect them to forgive easily because they have a hard time forget things.

If they already lose interest in you, then nothing you can do to regain it because they won’t change.

Fact 11: Unable to deal with emotional scenes or people

Aquarius people never enjoys getting dragged into all the dramas caused by emotionally insecure individuals. They doesn’t like to deal with sadness or negative feelings because, you know, they aren’t the expert of expressing emotions.

Fact 12: Shy and reversed at certain times

We all know that Aquarius is confident and social; nonetheless, there are times they are shy and reversed. Yup, they will behave like that once feeling insecure with the environment surrounding.

Because individuals of this sign are cautious and careful in every situation, they will be afraid if stepping into unfamiliar circumstances.

Fact 13: Aquarius temper is bad

It’s not a good idea to make an Aquarius get angry as no one can bear their temper.

You often see a calm, composed Aquarius because they tend to hold back their feelings deep inside. However, it will reach the extreme and explode one day. A mad Aquarius can burst out at any time and won’t hesitate to show their outright rude behavior.

If they can control their temper, then you will find them either maintain an intimating silence or say something sarcastic. Deep down they don’t expect to hurt anyone with words.

Fact 14: Not want to be bothered by stubborn people

They can’t be with narrow-minded, stubborn people; in addition, they are smart people that don’t like to be mistaken as a fool.

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The Bottom Line

That’s all for 14 freaky facts about Aquarius!

They are born as humanitarians. Gifted with many cool qualities, they are broad-minded, creative, truthful, and modern people. Undoubtedly they are loved by many because of their attractive, affectionate, and friendly nature.

Their frankness brings both advantage and disadvantage to Aquarius. It’s a positive trait if what they say is within the limit; nevertheless, sometimes their too honest, insensitive words can really hurt people around them.

As they barely open up their feelings, not many can read and understand them.

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