The 10 Best and Worst Aquarius Traits Male (Check NOW!)

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Aquarius Traits Male

Does his date of birth lie between January 20 and February 19? Well, if the answer is yes, this means you are in a romantic relationship with an Aquarius.

Symbolized by the Water Bearer in the zodiac, Aquarians are quite emotionally detached but actually sensitive people. If you are close to them, you’ll find they possess unique and likeable qualities.

Are you very curious about your Aquarius boyfriend?

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Sociable and easy-going, he is the guy that will stand out from the crowd without doing anything. Though he has many acquaintances because of his friendliness, he can get close to only his best friends and family.

The man born under Aquarius zodiac sign sometimes acts mysteriously; that may confuse others at certain times.

Because the Aquarius man personality is unpredictable, women are afraid of attracting him. Nevertheless, you’ve come to the right place today – the information here will allow you to take a closer look at your partner’s unique Aquarius traits male and characteristics so that you can grow a deeper understanding on him.

Simply read on to discover the positive and negative of Aquarius traits male!

The Very Best of an Aquarius Man

1. He stands up for himself bravely

The Very Best of an Aquarius Man

What is his very first Aquarius traits male?

This guy values the value of each person and always avoids hurting anybody else at all cost. He seems like a very comfortable guy; however, it doesn’t mean that he will endure if being trampled like a rug.

Whether he confidently defends his viewpoint in a discussion or protects himself in any circumstance, you can’t oppose the fact that he scares of nothing when it comes to fighting for himself.

Of course, who doesn’t get nervous when debating against someone?

Aquarius is not the person of conflicts; however, when defending for things that he’s passionate about, he will go till the end of the issue.

Give him a reason to fight and he will show you what is right and what is wrong.

2. He sees the best in everyone

One of the best Aquarius traits male is that he will not try to find your shortcomings; instead, he is the type that only sees the good in you.

Believe or not, this is a very powerful way that can help a person become brighter, happier, and more confident. There is no surprise from the open-minded guy with positive thoughts.

In any situation, your man will give you one benefit – searching for the right answer lying deep inside you. No matter how long you have to dig down to find it, he hopes that you can be honest to yourself.

He also does believe in the second chance.

Just prove that you deserve another chance if you do something bad to him. He will forgive you at ease due to his kindness; however, don’t take it for granted or he will instantly make you regretted.

This trait explains why Aquarius and Libra has an excellent friendship.

3. He has an intellectual mind

Compared to people of other zodiac signs, Aquarius man has a huge curiosity for everything in this life. That explains why he loves to explore and learn what are new and strange to him.

When he figures out a mystery that no one knows, his thirst for knowledge is satisfied.

Making intellectual conversations is considered as an efficient method to strengthen the bond with the woman he is interested in. Aquarius male in love expects his partner can think outside the box and keep up with the discussions.

If you are wondering what can attract Aquarius men, the answer would be deep conversations lasting for hours when the night comes. You should find the topics that he is most favorable and widen your knowledge to win this male’s heart.

4. He is different from the crowd

An Aquarius will never be controlled or dominated in any aspect of life including love relationships. He thinks creatively and does things in his own way and is surely not the type following the others’ rules.

This “right-brained” individual has a very unique mind which he applies not only in his career but also in his thinking.

It doesn’t mean that he looks at things illogically. When facing a problem, he will immediately think outside the box and view it upside down in order to find ways for resolving.

His view towards the world is different from everybody; no wonder people find him unpredictable most of the time. Despite of that, he wants to inspire each person he encounter in life to make change in their thinking.

All of his ideas are inspiring and brilliant.

5. He has the irresistibly witty charm

A man with a good sense of humor always leaves good impression to women.

Hiding plenty of awesome jokes under his sleeve, Aquarius guy is definitely the spirit of parties. Whether hanging out with his mate or taking part in an adventure with some of his friends, he will certainly come up with the funniest story making all people laugh comfortably.

As you get to know him longer, you can’t help speaking of his humor sense.

He always comes up with a collection of stories full of humor and never ending jokes that often make his friends envious of. Undoubtedly, he doesn’t need to act or try hard to be funny.

There’s even rumor about Aquarius men in bed can make the grumpy cat smirk.

6. He is very loyal in love

In relationships, an Aquarius male values loyalty.

The truth is – he gets bored very soon; you can blame him for losing his interest in someone in just a short period. However, it doesn’t mean that he will cheat or do anything breaking his romantic partner’s heart.

When falling for someone he truly loves, he will be honest 100% to her. No need to doubt his loyalty as he will always be faithful to his loved one but also expect the same from her.

A lie in the love relationship will not be acceptable. Keep in mind that he will never tolerate dishonesty no matter what your excuse is. Fortunately, since he values good communication, you can try to make an emotional conversation with him (but that’s definitely not easy).

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7. He makes a very good friend

It must be a reason why people often say that you should befriend with Aquarius. Truthfully, he is an amazing friend for everyone.

Regardless which circumstance you are in, this guy and his reliable shoulders will show up at the right time for you to lean on. Just call him and tell that you need a person to talk to and a hand to hold, and he will immediately appear without any excuse.

The Aquarius male will stick with you through thick and thin, especially if he has special feelings for you.

Not only a brilliant talker, but he is also an attentive listener. Thus, come to him for a deep conversation whenever you have to cope with a problem.

His ears are always ready to hear your difficulty.

Besides, for those who are losing the direction in life, Aquarius man enable to give the assistance that could help them get through the life’s tough parts. He is the expert in giving solid advice.

The Extremely Worst of an Aquarius Man

1. His excessive desire for personal freedom

The Extremely Worst of an Aquarius Man

This is one of Aquarius man in love negative characteristics.

Who doesn’t want to have the private time and space?

Nevertheless, your Aquarius really loves the period which he can be himself. Independence and freedom are 2 most important things to this guy. When he’s free, he is able to go and do whatever he craves for with his favorite people.

His goal is to live this life to the fullest – each day can’t be wasted meaninglessly.

He doesn’t really care whether or not he is in a partnership or not, the only matter here is that he must have freedom. He will not get involved in the relationship in which he is tied up. So, when dating an Aquarius man, make sure you give him time for himself and his friends and family.

Not a serious negative trait, but this often saddens his mate.

If you look for a partner who can require more time for you, Aquarius is definitely not the right match. This freedom seeking man sometimes is quite unpredictable making you confused and angry at certain times.

How to know if this guy likes you?

He oftentimes spends time biking, hiking, or taking part in risky adventures. Therefore, consider if you enable to handle him or not as he will not bend to you.

The Aquarius male will open up to you if he finds out you love him for who he is; otherwise, he will move on. Not a big deal to him! Remember that he will never require you to give up your true self just to satisfy him.

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2. He is more than stubbornness

Taurus and Aquarius are likely neighbors when it comes to stubbornness.

Once his eye sets on something, he will do anything he feels he needs to do to successfully achieve it. Before reaching the goal, he can be more than stubborn…this sometimes displays as callous or cold.

An Aquarius is born with aloofness. However, it does not mean he does not care – he may be emotionally detached sometimes though, this guy has a heart and truly cares for his woman.

The thing is, as I just told you, he does not have the habit of bending for anyone even the people he loves. His stubbornness is one of the reasons why Aquarius man can’t be in a lasting relationship. Because of that, he takes a very long time to commit someone.

Once he is in a romantic relationship with you, he expects both can learn how to reach the compromise for the good result in each situation.

3. He and his unpredictable detachment

No one can read what is going on in his mind.

Of all Aquarius traits male, he is indeed creative and unique in nature. This guy often plans out-of-nowhere ideas that leave people in shock. Though you may find what he does is random, he does not think so. This guy has no plan for his actions – if he feels right about what he is going to do, he will not regret for a moment.

This sounds good in specific situations. Yet, Aquarius man tends to focus highly on his target leading him to appear as a cold, detached person.

Do not misunderstand that he doesn’t care about you; in fact, you should not interrupt this guy when he is pondering on anything. It could be about the next project in his business, family issues, etc.

So, Aquarius man in love will surely space you off sometimes.

He is the intellectual person unable to open up emotionally to his partner. People claim that he is detached and aloof, completely true, but it’s just his inborn personality. Strengthening the bond between you and him, the Aquarius will gradually express his heart on a deeper level.

4. He is the all-or-nothing guy

At first, you may think this is a good quality – there is nothing wrong for being an all-or-nothing kind of person. Nonetheless, things seem negative if Aquarius possesses this supposedly-good trait.

Known as the risk taker, he will become an extremist with this quality.

Your man is definitely not the type stopping everything halfway. Once he longs for something, he will try to achieve his goals even when his methods are relentless.

He makes use of his profound outlook to prove his point.

For example, Aquarius man hates to be under the control of anybody else. He will ignore all the rules and do whatever he wants in his own way.

No surprisingly, his rebellious trait frequently drags her into all kinds of troubles.

To be honest, Aquarius men still have plenty of positive traits aside from negative qualities.

For gals having something for certain Aquarius guys, it’s essential to understand both the bright and dark side of Aquarius traits male. I hope that the information here will give you the clarity of who he really is and how to win his heart completely.

Meet him on the same level and you can form the connection with him with ease.


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