Ignore An Aquarius Man: Is It A Good Move To Attract Him?

You are having a keen eye on an Aquarius guy.

The thing is: he seems like an unapproachable person whom you’re unable to get attention immediately. You’ve tried different tricks and tips to win his heart but it didn’t work as you’d expected.

Should you ignore an Aquarius man? What happens if you start ignoring him?

Many women often wonder if this guy notices them after they play the ‘draw-back’ card, or if he just not cares. Born under the zodiac sign lacking expressiveness, it’s really hard to identify whether the Aquarius male is into you or not.

Learn more about this topic in the following!

What Happens If You Ignore Aquarius Man?

win the heart of aquarius man by the ignoring technique

To some of you, making Aquarius man start the love chase is more than a challenge because he is not the type that getting attracted easily.

Then, how to make him chase you?

Of all age-old techniques, there is one in which you start flirting with someone who you’re interested in and then suddenly ignore them so that will miss you when feeling your absence; later, they end up chasing you.

Will this technique work well on Aquarius man?

Though the connection between the Aquarius male and jealousy is not really strong, the ‘ignoring’ approach can be used to stir up his interest. However, it could be a bit risky since you barely predict what he thinks in mind – keep in mind that this technique works or not depending solely on the guy himself.

Why don’t you ignore an Aquarius man for a couple of days? He then might wonder if there’s something wrong happen to you; once he realizes that he is messing up the relationship, he will instantly find a way to get back your adoration.

Don’t show your clinginess to your Aquarius love interest, most importantly.

Be independent and confidently tell him that you have no time for games. Let him go if you feel that he’s not serious enough – your ‘not-to-give-a-damn’ attitude will surely spark his interest.

How to Deal with an Aquarius Man?

#1: Never push too hard

No matter how much you want your Aquarius man, don’t force him much. Keep approaching him with obvious signs will only make him overwhelmed. Don’t try hard to get him to open up – this process requires a lot of time indeed.

Avoid acting like somebody else as this guy dislikes girls who don’t behave like their true self. Be completely yourself whenever you’re around him!

Learn about the friendship of Aquarius and Libra, and you can tell how understanding a Libra company is to their Aquarius friend.

#2: Be his best friend

When will it be the ideal time to conquer his heart?

The answer is to become his best friend. Please note that Aquarius man will not chase the person whom he barely knows about or does not have a good friendship with.

Again, you shouldn’t try hard to become the very best friend of him; instead, the friendship with this guy needs to be built naturally based on a stronger connection. Once you two are friends, he will do anything to maintain the bond with you.

#3: Show your spontaneous nature

Let me remind you that your Aquarius can get bored easily. Therefore, you have to keep him guessing in order to maintain his interest for you. Intrigue him with your wide knowledge and ask him to join you in interesting adventures.

If you’re curious about how an Aquarius man acts in love, then notice whether he initially starts an intellectual conversation with you or ignores you in return.

#4: Become a fearless woman

You shouldn’t let him dominate or control you in a relationship; also, don’t let his attitude or behavior cause a negative impact on you. Be fearless if you want to get involved romantically with an Aquarius man.

He looks for a partner who is able to stand up for herself as well as to make her own decisions wisely rather than someone who keeps relying on others.

So…How to Prepare Yourself?

Remember that hurting an Aquarius man doesn’t work in all cases. Hence, you shouldn’t overuse this technique, and only consider it if all possibilities has failed.

The moment he comes chasing you after being ignored, he takes the relationship with you seriously. As you start pulling back, he will immediately have many questions about your behavior and soon he will want to get your attention to find the answer for the whole situation.

The timing is very significant, did you know?

Don’t ignore him for too long, or he will assume that you don’t like him and then stop the chase. Generally, the ignoring technique must be used rightly for a good result!


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