How Aquarius Man Shows Love (With Top 5 Signs To Spot)

Aquarius men are complicated.

The truth is: the guy born under the Aquarius astrology sign is hard to read. It’s like he enjoys making us women confused and second guess him; however, we can’t help but come back for more.

Well, it’s really a challenge to resist the Aquarius male!

He’s intellectual, independent, and full of boyish charm as well as sharp wit.

Love will be a truly incredible thing when you get involved with the right person. But, at the initial stage of a relationship, figuring out how Aquarius man shows love can be a hell of a feat.

Here is how an Aquarius man acts when he likes you!

5 Obvious Signs Aquarius Man Expresses His Love

5 Obvious Signs Aquarius Man Expresses His Love

#1: He opens up about what he really wants

Due to his personality traits, the Aquarius guy is quite emotionally detached and rarely tells his secrets to anyone to anyone. He tends to keep everything to himself, so opening up is seemingly hard for him.

This man is a deep thinker and always wanders right in his own thoughts.

That’s why if he decides to give you a glimpse into his mind as well as take interest in your thoughts and ideas, then certainly he has a big crush on you.

#2: He makes time for you

Like Gemini and Sagittarius, Aquarius is also adaptable and changeable.

This explains the Aquarius man can get bored easily and struggle if having to focusing on one thing for very long. In case it’s just a fling, then he won’t pay much attention; nevertheless, his feelings for you are true if you find this guy dedicates his valuable time to take care of what matters to you.

Freedom is everything to him, but he can sacrifice it to help you do certain things if it’s important to you.

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#3: He often has deep, long conversations with you

Nothing can make an Aquarius man hate more than having someone disagreeing with his opinions. As he knows he is terribly smart, it will give him a hard time admitting what he says could be wrong.

Nonetheless, when Aquarius man falls in love, he will pay attention more to your perspective and participate in a debate with you in a much gentler manner. If you’re someone he’s not interested in, then he simply shut you down.

In-depth talks will happen frequently in the Scorpio and Aquarius relationship.

#4: He reveals his feelings to you

When it comes to Aquarius man, he is known for preventing himself from any possible feelings as soon as he could sense. He finds it difficult to express himself in love; therefore, maintaining a relationship with Aquarius is a real challenge.

The moment this guy knows he feels something for you, he will run away firstly.

Getting him to miss you is not a challenge if you give him time to think and make clear of his mind. Once he lets you know about his feelings and shows his affection, this means he truly loves you.

#5: He introduces you to his family and friends

If you are still not convinced with the signs above, here comes the strongest one.

You can tell Aquarius man falls head over heels for you if he drives you home and introduce you to his parents and his closest friends as well.

He will do most things he’s never done before, like including you to his personal life and let you in his privacy space. Keep in mind that family and friends are very significant and meaningful to the airy guy. Thus, consider yourself the golden woman the moment he takes you to his inner circle of trust.

What Aquarius Man Finds Irresistible in a Woman?

What Aquarius Man Finds Irresistible in a Woman?

Of all zodiac signs, Aquarius is the most positive on the wheel.

Because he’s hugely positive, he can easily get attracted to someone who are also positive and independent.

Want to attract and win the heart of the Aquarius male?

There’s a few things you need to take note:

#1: A good listener

Your Aquarius man really loves to talk – not just about his stories but he enjoys giving opinions and ideas about different topics or events around him. He expects his lover to have an immersion in everything related to her surroundings as he did.

Don’t be surprised if seeing this guy talking non-stop for hours.

With a great need for talking, he looks for an attentive listener. If you show no interest in what he says, there’s no chance you can win his heart back.

#2: Friendly and outgoing

When you are with Aquarius man, don’t put a wry face as he loves a woman having a bright, genuine smile. He is not the type falling for the look only. Though he appreciates the beauty and impresses girls with stunning faces, he would rather get close to the person who has a carefree personality and can laugh easily.

Be his buddy first as a love relationship with an Aquarius man starts from the friendship.

#3: Happy with non-commitment

As told you earlier, this guy will back off if he feels that you are trying to control him or tie him down. With a huge love for freedom, he is afraid of making the commitment and rarely thinks about settling down.

To Aquarius men, marriage scares him somewhat.

If you want him to show love, then just respect his freedom. Don’t force him doing anything since the Aquarius male hates being pressed by anything. Let him know that you trust him completely, and he will stick with you through thick and thin happily.

#4: Look alive

His energy will be affected when being surrounded by toxic people (dull and unhappy).

Make sure you are always at your best state and looks alive so that you will have the capacity of catching Aquarius man’s attention. On the first meeting, you’re advised to wear the outfit with light colors, not tie up your hair, and keep a lovely and bright smile to leave a big impression.

He prefers women who can bring the freshness to his surroundings.


So now you can tell how an Aquarius man behaves when in love!

At first, it’s true that his detached and cool attitude makes you unable to read his signs; nonetheless, you will get the clarity once learning about him better. Don’t expect to understand this guy immediately as he’s a private person.

In terms of love compatibility, Aquarius man makes a great match with Capricorn woman; meanwhile, he can have an incredible friendship with Leo.

Be patient and the wait will be very worth it!

Check out these obvious signs on how Aquarius man shows love so you can get the answer of whether he is also interested in you or not.

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