Do Aquarius and Virgo Get Along (Making BEST Duo or NOT)

In this article, let’s talk about the romantic combination of Aquarius and Virgo.

Do Aquarius and Virgo get along?

Unlike other zodiac pairings, the energy of this unique combo is extremely fragile. This means the Aquarius – Virgo couple is either good or bad. Without understanding, both can easily disconnect and end the relationship altogether in a natural way. However, the fragility created by them can bring success to their relationship.

Do they share anything in common? Well, both are intellects and value friendship, making them open up to one another easier. If they put more efforts, this connection has the potential to last long.

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6 Reasons Aquarius and Virgo is a Good Match

aquarius and virgo love match

Astrologically, Virgo is known for being brain focused; with a restless mind, they are extreme over thinkers. People born under Aquarius zodiac sign are emotional detached, especially in relationships. They may love hard but are logical and don’t know how to express their feelings; this makes them appear cold and distant. On the other hand, Virgo natives are sensitive and deep.

These differences seem to draw them apart; nonetheless, there are some reasons making Aquarius and Virgo the best duo.

They can be partners of a lifetime, have a look:

1. They start as best friends first

This is easy to understand because neither Aquarius nor Virgo is quick to fall in love. While Aquarius is afraid of making commitment, Virgo lacks insecurity and has trust issues. They need a period of time to get to know the other person before opening up their heart.

If Aquarius and Virgo want to be together romantically, they must become close friends first. Learn more about each other so that they can understand each other better and deeper. As soon as both are ready for the relationship, they will be dedicated lovers and take care of one another well.

Since they start their relationship as friends, it’s easy for them to handle conflict and problems later.

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2. They get comfortable with each other

Despite their differences, these two easily get comfortable when being around each other. No wonder they have no trouble getting along, especially when both are on the friendship level.

Aquarius loves to discuss different topics related to life, while Virgo is good at communicating. Together they can chat from day to night without feeling dulled or boring. They even share their own interests in arts and other fields. If compared to Aquarius, the social butterfly, Virgo is the listener in this relationship.

Both are smart people, so it’s easy for Virgo to satisfy Aquarius with their knowledge and experience in life.

3. They are sensitive

Aquarius is straightforward and sensitive, and Virgo is also indirect, submissive, and quite oversensitive. Their personas together in a relationship create a rough emotional mix but it’s blended well. They can provide emotional security to each other even though both are insecure and different.

In this case, Aquarius and Virgo make a pair of opposite attraction. If they know how to balance their strengths and weaknesses in the relationship as well as complement each other, this couple has the potential to last for a long term.

4. They focus on personal growth

These two zodiac signs are very independent; therefore, personal growth is a something significant to both of them in real life.

Keep in mind that Aquarius and Virgo are not the clingy type in love. In fact, both will end the relationship if their partners are needy and dependent. Aquarians love freedom and want to enjoy their lives in their own ways, and Virgos just hate when others nosy about their business.

For this couple to work, respecting the privacy of each other is a must.

Fortunately, none of them is jealous in love. Ambitious and independent, they know how important personal growth is for each of them. They surely spend time together, but they do give space and time for the other to do whatever they want.

If one of them shows any sign of possessiveness, the other will run away.

5. They are loyal lovers

The key for a relationship to survive is being faithful.

Virgo may doubt the faithfulness of Aquarius at first because of their hesitancy for commitment. It’s true that Aquarius values their freedom and independence, and this makes them unwilling to commit in a long term relationship. They don’t want to be tied down while there are still many things in the big world awaiting their exploration.

Meanwhile, Virgo’s ultimate goal is to get involved in a long-lasting committed relationship. They want to be with someone who stays honest and faithful to them forever. It’s understandable if Virgo feels suspicious about Aquarius when they are dating.

However, once Aquarius takes love serious, they become a loyal person and work hard to make sure their partner happy and comfortable all the time.

In general, both are loyal lovers in a serious relationship.

6. They can communicate well

I must say that the patience and calmness of an Aquarius get along well with the analytical and over thinking nature of a Virgo. As mentioned above, these two are intellects and capable of making intellectual conversations. Well, Aquarians love being with a partner who can discuss with them about any matter in life.

They get excited about the same things and share similar interests, so it’s comfortable for both to talk with each other. Moreover, they typically agree on most human rights related matters and even politics.

When having deep conversations, they are very mindful of others’ emotions and feelings.

In Conclusion

That’s all for the question ‘do Aquarius and Virgo get along’ that I want to share.

This pairing overall is not completely compatible. It’s still a tricky match when combining both together. Of course nothing is impossible; if they put aside all the differences and focus on strengthening the connection, the compatibility will surely improve.

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