7 BEST Signs an Aquarius Man is Falling for You (Read NOW)

Look for signs an Aquarius man is falling for you?

Well, these signs can be subtle because guys born under this zodiac sign are reserved and not really good at expressing his feelings when it comes to love.

It’s never easy to make the Aquarius male to fall in love because he is a carefree person and not ready to commit. His look may seem flirty, but indeed he is faithful and barely says yes to one night stand. Very picky, it takes him a long time to choose a love partner.

This guy has a confident and unique aura that makes him irresistible.

Lots of women have voted him as an ideal lover because he is loyal, kind, and caring. In today’s article, let’s find out if your Aquarius man brings any sign of loving you on the surface.

How to Know Aquarius Man Falls for You?

aquarius man falling in love

1. He acts flirty with you

If Aquarius man is interested in you, he will approach you in a flirty way. In the love romance field, he is the reserved type so you may find his flirtatious behavior is sometimes awkward, playful, and childlike. It’s kinda cute though!

Just act natural and don’t force him too much.

Give him moments to adapt and get comfortable around you. Right now you may be confused if your Aqua guy behaves a bit weird and childish; actually it’s how he cares about you so please get used to that.

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2. He takes you out on movie dates

It seems like a conventional date and is not matching to Aquarius typical traits. Well, in fact Aquarius man has a huge love for movies. You can be sure that he is into you if he takes you to movies.

Does he talk about his favorite movies with you?

If yes, then it means he wants you to enjoy them too. Later you two can plan for a cozy movie date at his place or yours when both don’t want to go out. You can also introduce movies you love to him.

Aside from movies, Aquarius man will talk about his other hobby or interest with you once he is into you.

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3. He enjoys exploring new things with you

Let me remind you that Aquarius man gets bored quickly. Therefore, if you show no interest in taking thrilling adventures or trying out new things in a relationship, he will gradually lose interest in you. As a man saying no to ordinary and typical things, don’t expect him to do something routine with you.

Being in a relationship with Aquarius man means you must keep up with his pace.

The moment he asks you to join him in one of his exploration adventures, please tell yourself that he already falls for you and wants to share all of his fascinating interests with you.

Don’t quickly say no; accept his invitation and create memorable experiences with your Aquarius. There’s never a dull moment when you are with him, and only Aquarius can bring out the wild side in you.

4. He considers you as his best friend

Another way to know whether Aquarius man likes you or not is that he calls you his very best of friend. This guy won’t jump into a relationship with anyone else. In fact, he starts as your friend to know you better and form a stronger bond with you.

We all know Aquarius man values their friendship along with freedom and independence. Before he allows you to enter his heart, he prefers to make friends first.

Once he considers you as his best friend, this means you already gain his trust and probably his love.

He will confidently make a move as soon as he determines that he wants you to be more than a friend. Don’t feel upset if Aquarius man calls you his good buddy because it’s totally a positive sign.

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5. He opens up more to you

If a man shows you his vulnerabilities, then he already likes you.

Protective of his feelings, Aquarius man doesn’t open his heart to anyone else easily and instantly. One of the signs he is not into you is that he keeps an emotional distance to you. Therefore, if he lets you in his private shell or shows you his sensitive side, he is falling in love with you.

Does your Aquarius man share his vulnerabilities?

If no, it’s okay as he needs time. He will open up more once he is sure that you are trustworthy and reliable. The moment you win his trust completely, he won’t be afraid to leave you as his secrets keeper.

6. He showers you with affection

Aquarius man in love doesn’t mind of giving you affection in private.

Please remember that PDA is not his style, so don’t force him to show romantic gestures in a crowd. Again, he is the shy guy in love romance; thus, love in public is what he expects the least. Be patient and he will surprise you with all the affections when the two of you are alone.

Once you and Aquarius man are together, you will never get enough with his romantic side.

7. He wants to make intellectual talks with you

When Aquarius man ignores you, the possibility is because you two lack intellectual conversations. He needs someone having the same intellectual level to understand him and keep him interested.

A woman who can make him feel challenged is the most attractive.


So now you already know signs an Aquarius man is falling for you!

You can’t resist of him because he will impress you with his delightful charm and humor. If you want to stay in a relationship with this guy for a long term, the key is honesty and trust. Be a trustworthy partner and he will give you his heart.

If you still have any question related to the Aqua man, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below.

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