What Attracts Aquarius Men To A Woman (With 5 BEST Traits)

It seems like you’re having a big crush on an Aquarius man.

However, figuring out if he is interested in you is not as easy as you think. Not to mention the fact that he is a free spirit that won’t let any person pin him down.

Aquarius is an unconventional sign, so the guy born under this sign is of course peculiar as well. He is emotionally detached and has unique standards when it comes to choosing a love partner.

Has no idea what attracts Aquarius men to a woman?

It can be hard to determine but we can help you find the answer.

Top 5 Qualities to Make an Aquarius man Interest

best qualities to draw an aquarius man

Known as the freedom lover and rule breaker, Aquarius guy expects his future partner to be as creative and intellectual as he is. Don’t quickly get frustrated if he has not yet showed any sign of liking you after a long period. Indeed, he leisurely takes time to observe you and make sure you are the right person.

You may think that he’s not the serious type in love because of his big love for liberty and adventure.

Surprisingly, as soon as Aquarius man has his eyes on you, he will become a dedicated boyfriend. Prepare yourself because you’ll experience the most wonderful relationship ever packed with fun journeys, romance, and deep conversations.

Here are a few things he expects to see from his beloved lady:

1. Goal-oriented and independent

What type of woman do Aquarius men like in general?

Of all Aquarius traits male, personal freedom and independence are what he values the most. Besides, he is a career-oriented individual who’s never taken his dreams and life goals lightly.

So, these are the very first qualities he hopes his girlfriend possesses. This guy easily gets attracted to women who are ambitious and not afraid of taking risks to live a fullest life. Rather than those clingy and needy, Aquarius man is more into someone independent.

He doesn’t need his partner to focus on him all the time; instead, he will likely appreciate if you pay more attention to your own life. Respect his privacy and spend time visiting your family, hanging out with friends, and enjoying your interests.

If you want an Aquarius male to fall for you, you shouldn’t be too dependant on him.

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2. Smart and full of knowledge

You must be a brainy beauty to captivate this guy.

Gorgeous on the outside is not enough – a woman who can attract the Aquarius male must be intelligent and knowledgeable. No matter how well dressed you are or how beautiful your makeup is, he will soon get bored if you two don’t have good conversations.

For an Aquarius man, your intellect and inner beauty are more significant compared to the appearance.

His ideal partner must come with as a complete package!

He may be drawn to you at the first glance, but it’s your intelligence and sense of humor that make him stay. Start a conversation with your wittiness and slowly impress him with your inventive and unconventional ideas. Don’t hesitate to state your opinions positively because that’s what he expects to see most from his partner.

Never miss a chance to engage in interesting talks with him in which the two of you can discuss about a variety of different topics.

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3. Happy and positive

How to get an Aquarius man to chase you?

Friendly and social, this guy wants his life to be filled with happiness and positivity only. It doesn’t mean he’s never experienced sadness or depression; in fact, there are moments when he becomes moody and behaves coldly.

At those times, it would be good if having a positive and supportive partner by his side. Shower him with encouraging words and his mood swings will not last long. He expects nothing much but a lady who is optimistic and expert at coping with tough situations.

He doesn’t prefer jealous or insecure women; for your good, it’s better to be direct and voice all the concerns frustrating your mind. Mutual respect is extremely important in the relationship with Aquarius guy as it will lead you two to a more blissful love life.

When attracting an Aquarius male, simply show positive attitude for extra score.

4. Honest and reliable

Another type of woman that can win the heart of this airy man is the one honest, trustful, and reliable. He dislikes lies as well as people telling lies; thus, if you want to be with an Aquarius, always stick to the truth.

Just ask and he will be honest about everything; that’s why he also looks for the woman who shares the same level of honesty as him. The key to his heart is to stay true to the truth and not afraid to express your inner feelings.

It’s useless if you try to control him or make him jealous – really, what do you expect from this free-spirited person?

He must ensure that you’re trustable before entering the relationship. Hence, show him any sign of lie or cheat and he will no longer believe you. Display your true colors to him and Aquarius man can stay forever.

5. Friendly

Last but not least, you must become friends with Aquarius man before making him fall in love with you. He’s not the type dating a stranger after a couple of meetings; instead, he tends to pay more attention to you as his best buddy.

When it comes to love, Aquarius man strives for a lifelong relationship.

In order to be his ideal friend, a kind and friendly nature shouldn’t be lacked of; moreover, you need to be reliable and witty. Keep in mind that he won’t make any commitment unless you are his close friend and he truly loves you.

Don’t push him to commit; actually, he will take the first step of asking you out romantically once the bond of you two is strong.


Generally speaking, knowing what attracts Aquarius men in love is not really difficult – just becoming his close friend, respecting his freedom, and not forcing him to make the commitment.

Don’t chase after him all the time!

Be independent and focus on your own life and the Aquarius male will surely find you irresistible. It would be a turnoff if you bring on too much jealousy or drama on the scene because the last person he wants is the needy and clingy one.


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