Aquarius Man Silent Treatment and 4 Ways to Deal with Him

You’re facing Aquarius man silent treatment again.

Have no ideas how to deal with that?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. The information here will help you figure out what is going on in his complex mind, especially if you just start a relationship with the Aqua guy and receive this kind of treatment for the first time.

  • Is he upset about something?
  • Does he want to break up?
  • Why is he distant all of sudden?

No need to worry much because this man usually shows his silent treatment at certain time. Keep reading and find the answer for today’s matter!

What to Do with Aquarius Man Silent Treatment?

deal with aquarius man silent treatment

When dating a water bearer, this is what you need to expect as he can be silent with you at any time. Unpredictable, his silence means he wants to be alone at the moment or he is busy with his works.

Don’t be surprised: Aquarius man tends to act emotionally detached.

In case you want to strengthen your relationship with this guy, it’s a must to know how to deal with his silent treatment.

1. Respect his private space

Though he seems like an easygoing, sociable person, in fact Aquarius man doesn’t open up easily. He puts up walls around him, and it makes you hesitate to approach him. If you find him ignore you, don’t bombard him with dozens of ‘why’ questions. Simply leave him alone in his own space; that’s all he expects from you.

This guy is not good at dealing with emotions; hence, please don’t create more drama.

Once seeing him being silent, just let him sort things on his own. Even if he is going through a tough time, offering him a help may make him retreat back to his shell or (much worse) shut you out both emotionally and physically.

If he stays silent after an argument with you, please know that is one of his ways to express his annoyance. He needs some time to calm his mind and you need to leave him alone. Until he makes clear about what he wants to do next, he will return to your side.

2. Enjoy your own life

When Aquarius man expresses his feelings, it’s a rare scene.

He is not good at showing his feelings through words, and his silent treatment is probably a test to see the connection between you and him. This usually happens when you two are at the initial stage of a relationship.

Their silence can help him observe your body language, your vibes, and your thoughts towards him. In this case, you must try your best to keep him hooked. Since he loves mind games, why don’t you play along and simply enjoy the fun?

Remember not to act clingy or needy because Aquarius man hates that type of woman and both of you may end up with an argument instead of strengthen your bond. It’s better to learn how to keep him connected with you in subtle ways.

Challenge him intellectually as he loves smart girls; he will naturally open up his feelings as soon as you spark his interest. Also, consider having deep, personal conversations with him to break his silent treatment. Widen your knowledge and discuss different topics with him in your own unique way.

3. Observe his words and actions

Aquarius is an unusual, unpredictable, and unconventional guy.

The moment he goes silent towards you, don’t quickly ask him to explain the reason. Be wise and keep a keen eye on what he says as well as the way he acts. Let’s see what he will do when he is distant himself from you. If he spends more time texting on his phone or hanging out with his so-called ‘friend’, then chances he is cheating on you and wants to break up.

This man won’t have a problem after a breakup. If you don’t want to separate from him, you must show him you are still interested. In case you did something wrong, a heartfelt apology and sincerity can bring him back. Directly accept your mistake and prove to him you are willing to learn from that.

What if he still behaves normally with you but is just quiet?

In that situation, relax because he is maybe too busy with his work. He will come back to his normal state once his works are solved well. Sometimes the reason of his silent treatment has nothing to do with you.

4. Ignore him back

When he is angry out of sudden and acts distant to you despite multiple times you’ve made your apology, simply give him the same silent treatment in return. He may give you a cold shoulder if you’re an emotional mess; therefore, let’s him taste his own medicine.

Believe it or not, this is one of the most effective ways to put an end to the cold war between you and your Aquarius man. In case he doesn’t text or call you back, then you shouldn’t reply him back. Stalk him on social media instead and focus more on yourself to make him curious about you.

Seeing you not caring for him makes your Aquarius guy feel curious and have an urge to break the silence. It’s not easy to act cold and distant towards the man your love, but it’s a possible way to stay with him peacefully forever.

You need to know when and where to draw the line – that’s how you respond to his silent treatment.

The Bottom Line

So, before concluding anything about Aquarius man silent treatment, please observe your partner first. Instead of getting yourself anxious, simply focus on his daily activities and how to treat people around.

If he hasn’t stopped his distant behavior after a long period, then make a serious conversation with him and speak your mind. Don’t be afraid because this guy respects an independent, determined woman.

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3 thoughts on “Aquarius Man Silent Treatment and 4 Ways to Deal with Him”

  1. I am deeply in love with an aquarius man and for the past couple of weeks it’s been messages every day from him and I always responded..He says he wants me to open up..tell him my secrets and so I had begun to do that. I felt comfortable with him. Then all of a sudden I hadn’t heard from him for a couple of days so I sent him a message that may have been sounding a bit possessive . He did finally message me back saying ” Just collecting my thoughts sweetheart……been a bit down…..sorry. and that ‘s it! I didn’t respond back thinking maybe I should let him have some space. I know he’s busy with painting and music…he’s an artist. But after 3 days I couldn’t take the silence and so I messaged him last night….I said Hi……I know you’ve been feeling down and was hoping you’re feeling better. Hope your selling a lot of your books and paintings. Your absence here has me a little confused and when you hurt I do too. sending you warm thoughts to brighten your day.” should I have not sent that message? I don’t know what to do now. tomorrow will be 5 days since his last message to me about collecting his thought. I’m really upset and afraid to ask him about it.

    • Hi Anita,

      Aquarians are naturally emotionally detached, yet wise and knowledgeable.

      Firstly, they are shocked by the emotions they are feeling, and they don’t know how to process them. So they tend to act aloof instead while they are seemingly ‘stuck in their head’.
      Secondly, after they have procrastinated and spent time in their head going from 1 to 100 trying to come up with the most logical explanation, and plan of action they are still left confused and frustrated by the unknown.
      Although they are an honest partner, they will still leave others confused at times as unless someone digs deep, their emotions are almost impossible to read.

      Just know although Aquarius aren’t the most romantic sign, they do love with our whole hearts.


  2. 1. I would respect his private space but he’s in MY space and rarely respects my belongings. (We are platonic business partners.) He dangles the potential for a relationship… or he used. I told him I don’t respond to dangling possibilities. Hit me up with you think you are ready, otherwise, don’t play with me. I’m a Leo.
    2. I would enjoy my life more if he was not my roommate. He has a way of bringing down the energy when he is “contemplating life”. Who the fuck has time for that every few days, weeks?
    3. I observe his words and actions; it’s time he reciprocate.
    4. Oh… believe me, I ignore him back. BOTTOMLINE.


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