How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Likes You? – 8 Signs Revealed!

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Likes You

Want to be in a romantic relationship with a male of Aquarius sign?

First and foremost, you must know his feelings for you.

How to tell if an Aquarius man likes you?

Born under the quirkiest sign of the zodiac, this guy is definitely a mysterious creature. He is not good at expressing his inner emotions; thus, it’s hard to figure out whether or not he is interested in you.

Furthermore, he is not the type falling in love in a flash.

He has an impressively rich experience with short flings and affairs; however, when it comes to the long-term committed relationship, Aquarius becomes very careful and cautious.

According to Aquarius men, a happy, long-lasting partnership must be built on a strong base of trust and compromise.

Your love interest expects a mate who can balance well between the ‘me’ time and ‘our’ time harmoniously. Extremely independent, he searches for the freedom in different aspects in life including the love romance.

If you look for something traditional in a relationship, Aquarius is not the pick for you.

Winning his heart is like winning a lottery, in general.

Are you confused with Aquarius man in love signs and behavior?

Is he really into you or just be kind to you?

Have a look at some obvious signs helping you understand the heart of this guy:

Top 8 Signs Aquarius man Falling for You

1. Flirting with you

Flirting with you

He normally acts playful and sometimes childlike.

The thing is – when his eyes are on you, he will become more serious. In fact, he is trying to get the courage to flirt with you. When making his move to someone else, he may feel awkward, unsure, and a bit shy so take it easy.

Many claim that he’s totally a flirt; actually, Aquarius has no idea of how to woo a lady properly.

Luckily, his natural charm is what attracts women. He doesn’t need to act cool or anything else – it’s his intelligence and good sense of humor will make you fall head over heels. Instead of noticing the shortcoming, you should appreciate that he has put out his effort to impress you.

The funny thing is that he at first will approach you romantically yet end up being your best friend. He believes that a strong friendship will create a solid foundation for romance.

If an Aquarius man really likes you, he will try to flirt with you but not often as he wants to make sure that you do feel special every single time.

2. Exploring peculiar things with you

Exploring peculiar things with you

“How can I tell if an Aquarius man loves me?” Some asked me before.

Since he is an Aquarian, this guy is best known for his off-beat, extraterrestrial personality. He can be anything but ordinary. With a pretty peculiar view on every aspect of life, he craves to explore the world out there entirely.

If he has special feelings for you, he will certainly bring you along with him so that both can take part in thrilling excursions together.

Show him that you are also as adventurous as him by taking him to visit unique spots which not many know about.

When falling in love, he will be open and expect the same from his mate.

Be his companion and accompany him through various kinds of journeys. Display your wild side when doing new things with him; also, do not forget to show how fascinating you are in mind-bending experiences with your male Aquarian.

3. Having intellectual conversations with you

Having intellectual conversations with you

An intellectual guy like Aquarius man will not find a partner who just has the physical beauty. Rather than a hot body, he looks for a woman smart and capable of keeping the flow of conversation interestingly.

He likes to be challenged as that makes him feel brilliant.

If an Aquarius man is into you, he will yearn for something deeper than physical intimacy. In this case is to have intellectual conversations with you.

Your crush wants to share his perspective as well as ideals for the world; at the same time, he would love to learn more about you and your point of the future.

Now you are standing in the crowd, how to know if an Aquarius man likes you?

If his eyes set on you, he will unhesitatingly approach to you for an interesting conversation. You must widen your knowledge in order to find topics which he seems to prefer most. Once start talking, express yourself comfortably and don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

It’s much better if you can debate with your love interest.

Moreover, an Aquarius man into you will find it hard to end the discussion with you, especially if you enable to keep his interest endlessly. He, in love, will always think of ways to show you his affection with brilliant words.

4. Showering you with affection

Showering you with affection

Making Aquarius man get obsessed with you is not an easy task.

Emotionally detached, this is the guy not really good at showing his love publicly.

He is quite reserved in love; therefore, he thinks that displaying loving gestures and passion in public, for him, is not appropriate. Instead, he prefers to shower his loved one with a lot of affection when both are alone together.

One thing you may not know is that he is mysterious but not as much as Scorpio.

Sometimes he will behave or act in some ways that could elude you. He is not the type that will immediately introduce you to his friends and family. While dating with him, you’ll find that the time he takes you to group events or get-togethers may less than you expect.

Nevertheless, do not feel discouraged as this is also his way to form the strong connection with his loved one.

In the beginning, you are advised to make the first move if looking for some alone time with an Aquarius. When you two are in a private place, he will immediately show up with a very romantic side. Whether you are among a crowd or his close friends group, he will naturally take you to where only the two of you.

The moment he showers you with love and affection, you can be rest-assured as your relationship has moved on a higher level. So, get ready to learn to turn on an Aquarius man in bed!

5. Befriending with you firstly

Befriending with you firstly

The key to be in a partnership with Aquarius man is to making him call you his best friend.

Out of all men of other zodiac signs, this guy is a good, reliable friend. If you successfully have an excellent friendship with him, you will get one step closer to his heart.

Before he decides to join in a love romance with someone else, he ensures to befriend with that person. If you find he tries to develop a friendship with you first, the certain thing is – he wants to win your heart.

He feels much comfortable when telling his stories to you as a friend.

He himself has trust issues; hence, before investing his love to you, he will get to know you completely up to the point he feels that he can finally put down his guard. Once there’s an authentic bond between you and him, the Aquarius male will confidently prove his sentiments to you.

Let’s see if your Aquarius crush wants you to be his best friend – that’s one of clear signs telling he truly likes you.

6. Revealing his vulnerable side to you

Revealing his vulnerable side to you

He seems to be, on the outside, a carefree, open-minded person.

In fact, this guy is not really liberal when it comes to his feelings and emotions. No matter what happens, he will keep everything deep to his heart. There’s no way he will give you a sight to his sensitive side; that’s why may claim Aquarius man is cold and composed.

Nevertheless, according to the Aquarius male’s behavior in love, he will slowly show his vulnerable side to you.

When starting the relationship, this guy will talk to you anything but his feelings. He will embrace you with plenty of compliments, attention, and other loving, romantic things to prove his love. But he knows that, at certain times, he has to share his compassion in order to stay with you for a long-term.

Once knowing that he has sentiments for you, he will keep it a secret at first.

If you do like him, you should spend more time for him and make him feel relaxed, comfortable when being around you. This will help him open up as well as display his vulnerable side to you much easier.

7. Listening to you attentively

Listening to you attentively

Another way letting you know whether or not Aquarius man is into you is by his attitude when listening to what you say. During the conversation, he will be like hanging on every word slipping out of your mouth.

If you are the object that he wants to attract, he will put strong faith in everything you say. Especially if you show him your clever inventiveness, he will be turned on.

Once you say things meeting his intellectual level, he can’t get you off of his mind.

This is the guy that will really listen to what you say and believe that your thoughts and experiences are amazing and brilliant. Of course he will disagree with your ideas sometimes, but he always pays 100% of his attention to them.

For those who are not sure about this, now say something to your Aquarius love interest and notice the way he behaves. When you are speaking in a crowd, his focus is only on you intently, not anyone else. He can’t help but making eye contact with you so often because he might regret if missing a word you say.

Most importantly, he will not waste his time or energy on the woman he has no interest or affection for.

8. Bringing you into his personal life

Bringing you into his personal life

As mentioned earlier, Aquarius is very private and hardly reveals his emotions to people he does not know well. The problem is – learning about his personal life on the emotional level is really a difficulty.

He will not let you enter his shell willingly.

If you want him to open up about his life, the best thing is to gain his trust. Prove to him that you are a reliable friend whom he can confide in. This man, when the right time comes, will invite you to his inner circle if he thinks you are worth his love and investment.

Once he determines that you can be his life partner, get prepared as he will tell you his dreams, life goals, hopes, and even most private thoughts.

Creative, inventive, and curious, he has a huge admiration for the world’s idealized image. If he likes you, he will be excited to share with you his vision of the future. Furthermore, you will be the first one that gets to know his secrets.

Aquarius man in love will have a desire; that’s, having his love mate to be a part of his personal life. It would be more awesome if you two could share a lot of things in common.

Will you become the person with whom he can share his deepest thoughts?

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More Signs Aquarius Man is Interested

If you are still not certain about whether or not the Aquarius male is into you, then I added more signs in the following:

  • Constantly spend his valuable time with you
  • Let you know his favorite hobbies, movies, music genres, etc.
  • Call and text you as many as he can’t imagine
  • Tell you your qualities that he finds most attractive
  • Stop flirting with other girls and cut down his time for friends
  • Assist you with almost everything and make you laugh with his good sense of humor
  • Look into your eyes all the time
  • Become insecure and do not know exactly what to say at the beginning
  • Ask you out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a coffee date
  • Find your ideas fascinating and irresistible

So, how to tell if an Aquarius man likes you? Hope you have the answer now!


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