Aquarius Man In Bed: Best 6 Amazing Tips To Turn Him On

Men have different taste in bed.

The reason for this difference mainly depends on each individual’s zodiac sign.

And, when it comes to Aquarius man in bed, his sensual needs are unique.

Pleasing a male Aquarian in bed is not simple as you are thinking. If you luckily have a hot date with this guy, there are a few things about him you need to know to satisfy him.

The Aquarius traits male makes him a gentle and emotional person; in love, he will do everything within his reach to make his partner happy.

Aquarius is definitely not the type of man rushing things; in other words, he will patiently wait until the right time for the miracle to happen.

So, do not expect him to say “I love you” in the beginning of the relationship, though he seems flirtatious outside.

When will he be ready to say it out loud?

Make him feel your love from inside!

At the first glance, this guy is easygoing and friendly.

The thing is – he is totally opposite in a love romance. Quite shy and passive, he rarely makes the first move to his love interest.

Unlike other men, Aquarius man prefers to have deep conversations with you rather than to explore your body.

Before sleeping with a woman, he needs to understand her emotionally.

How to Turn on Your Aquarius Man in Bed?

Aquarius man in bed

If you still think the Aquarius-born male is easy to seduce, then I must say: you are completely wrong.

This man does not want a woman who just looks good.

He will not get attracted by a lady instantly just because of her fascinating body or gorgeous outfit. In order to beguile him successfully, you must know what he really needs from a love mate as well as talk to him any thing that matter to you.

Open up to him about your dreams, passion, and goals in life. Most importantly, prove him that you are different from other gals. Let him see the deepest of you and he will cherish you more.

You should satisfy him on a mental level before thinking of pleasing him in the bedroom.

It’s not really hard to arouse an Aquarius man in bed…but not simple as well.

He likes you because you are who you are, not someone else. So, the best way to make him feel carnally excited is to be your true self when around him.

For women in the romantic relationship with an Aquarius, you might have trouble when it comes to turning him on in bed. He is not as passionate and sensual as the Scorpio man; hence, in this article, I’ve come with a number of things that you need to do in order to blow his mind.

Learn to excite your man in bed without fail!

1. Approach him with care

Approach him with care

This is the guy infamous for being aloof.

In the case of Aquarius man, I advise you to read and understand his moods before letting things go out of your control.

What do you have to do if he seems a little detached?

Well, if he doesn’t have mood for sex, don’t force yourself to intimate with him as he doesn’t want too. Instead, give him space. But the art of deluding in bed is here – it’s important to tease him in the right way so that you can get him as what you want in the end.

Don’t be too precautious when approaching this guy. Sometimes you can make your Aquarius want to sleep with you just by skulking around in nice, tight lingerie.

2. Talk to him sweetly

Talk to him sweetly

One thing for sure – Aquarius man loves talking, and he does talk a lot. So, the best way to make him feel desired on bed is to make a dirty talk with him.

However, be sure that what you say meets his preference.

Trust me; if you say something that he doesn’t like, he will instantly display that on his face. You may want to suggest some new experiments which you will play the domination role to him while give yourself the chance to feel his touch on your body.

Let him know that you are not afraid to try new things in bed and how much you’ve desired him to amuse you.

3. Explore the erogenous zone on his body

Explore the erogenous zone on his body

It’s always fun to find the weaknesses on your man’s body.

Unlike men from other zodiac signs, the Aquarius male has two interesting erogenous zones…they are his ankles and calves.

So, needless to say, if you want to give him an unforgettable sex experience, touch these spots from time to time to satisfy him. He would love if you start by giving his ankles and calves a slow, sensual massage. Kiss and caress them until making sure that he’s ready for the main course.

Touch his weaknesses spontaneously, and he will be very pleased as well as find you irresistible. Aquarius man really appreciates the woman who sets her own pace in bed instead of those letting him do all the work.

Show him your effort and he’ll definitely fulfill your needs in return.

4. Blow his mind with long foreplay

Blow his mind with long foreplay

Not Aquarius man, but all men do enjoy the foreplay before they get into the mood for a great love-making experience.

This is a very important step if you want to make your mate feel comfortable with you.

To turn on your Aquarius, why don’t you try something like testing his brilliant mind? Ask him some tricky questions and prepare some steamy punishments if he answers wrongly. Trust me; this amazing idea will blow him away.

Or, if you don’t want to play quizzes, then let’s start the foreplay with a message in an erotic way or, more daringly, an oral sex. Tease him from time to time up to the point that he can’t get his mind off you.

Satisfy his erotic desire and he has no problem to give everything to his lover.

5. Do not be too emotional

Do not be too emotional

Cool, collected, and discreet, a man of Aquarius sun sign rarely shares his feelings to anyone including his family. He is very good at putting a line between sex and emotions; and he never fails, not even once.

So, you shouldn’t dig into his emotions if you really want to turn him on in bed.

Don’t expect him to expose his emotions on Valentine’s Day as he won’t. If your mate truly falls for you, he won’t hesitate to display his love to you every single day, not just on Valentine’s Day.

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius guy, you should accept the fact that he will never be driven by romance.

6. Be playful with him on bed

Be playful with him on bed

Isn’t it lovely for a couple to have a little fun in the middle of the foreplay, is it?

This man is pretty playful, so he expects his girl to also be as playful as him while both are wrapped in the warm bed sheets.

Now, by searching on the Internet, you’ll find several cute games that both you and your Aquarius can engage in together. A pillow fight or wrestling match will not just bring the fun for you two but also excite the man.

Who doesn’t love a naughty woman in bed?

Cheat or use your femininity to make your Aquarian mate obsessed with you.

While playing all these games, make sure that you are in the good mood because an Aquarius partner can tell when you are really having a good time and when you are just forcing things.

What an Aquarius Man Really Wants in Bed?

You want to take the water guy to the bedroom, and above are tips helping you turn him on. But, not just arouse him intimately, it’s important to learn about how to keep your Aquarius man hooked.

Are you ready for exciting sensual rendezvous?

Though he often gets misunderstood as not serious in love, this guy in fact is very picky when it comes down to sex as well as finding a sex partner.

Well, he is born with an unconventional mind. So here let’s find out what your Aquarius male craves for in bed.

1. To be in love or not to be in love

At the early stage of falling for someone, this guy only cares if he and that person are compatible or not. He’ll get excited thinking about all the experiments in bed with his true love interest.

It’s okay if you don’t love him even when you two have made it to the bedroom. However, it would be awesome if both of you fall in love with each other. The only problem is – not every girl can keep up with his favorite sex games and his excitements in bed.

You cannot handle all the sex ideas with Mr. Kinky, especially if you are quite the traditional kind of lovemaking.

Many claim that making love with Aquarius man is like filming a smut scene on camera with a handsome porn star. And the truth is: they find it too much to catch up with the entire of his lustful games.

2. The bedroom can be anywhere

What attracts Aquarius men in bed?

One thing for sure, the ordinary sex cannot satisfy this guy.

Indeed, unlike other zodiac sign guys, the Aquarius has a kinky appetite for this stuff – he is prone to experience all types of experiments to fulfill his curiosity rather than feeding his thirst for sex.

The element of surprise cannot lack when you are in the relationship with this person. Especially in the lovemaking aspect, he often comes with plenty of unique different ideas about locations they would like to make love with you.

To him, the bedroom is just too boring and traditional. He will become excited if his partner agrees with him to make love under any conditions, in any location and at any time. That’s why turning an Aquarius needs much effort!

The key is to share the same desires as his.

3. He is a kinky sex partner

Aquarius man can’t resist any kind of experiment in the bedroom.

So, if you are not in a committed relationship with him, then you must accept the fact that he will probably have intercourse with other people.

When you two are making love, comfortably let him explore your body. Don’t try to intimate too much with him as he has some issues with that; in addition, he doesn’t really like to hear things sensitive.

He will be like a pirate playing with your body as it were a treasure map.

Aquarius Man in Bed Compatibility

Aquarius Man in Bed Compatibility

Rather than seeing a woman as a sexual object, Aquarius man is more interested in learning her personality. Incredibly smart and unique, he will get attracted his love interest because of her soul and mind firstly.

If you want to have his heart, you need more than a hot body.

This guy is surely not a flirt; actually, he approaches a gal slowly and considerately. Thus, in a love affair, he really enjoys the overture.

Though he might sound like a true artist, the Aquarius male in bed lacks indecisiveness sometimes.

Nevertheless, once you can activate his engine rightly, he will become an enduring and mind-blowing lover beyond your imagination. Nothing can interrupt or distract him from making love with you, and he will ensure to hit the right place.

What zodiac sign is Aquarius’s best match in bed?

Let’s find out!

Astrologically, the sensual style of an Aquarius man fits best with Gemini, Leo, and Libra.

1. Aquarius man and Gemini woman

The combination of two airy individuals is all about playfulness. They are born under two air signs, so they will have a really good time together and never get bored of one another no matter what they are doing.

Both have a huge interest in discovering and learning new things.

Therefore, when Aquarius man in bed with Gemini woman, they will create an unforgettable sex experience of their own. Open-minded, they have no problem expressing themselves or suggesting new experiments in bed.

This male and female will not mind stating their ideas to better their sex life.

These two tend to use dirty talk as a form of foreplay before getting ready for the intimacy.

2. Aquarius man and Leo woman

The pair of an Aquarius and a Leo is an example of the so-called “opposite attract.”

This love match will teach two involved individuals the true meaning of love despite all the differences. Once they get to know one another deeper, the stubborn streaks of both can be solved easily.

When Aquarius man in bed with Leo woman, they will have a rebellious and glorious sex. Not the ordinary bed mates, both Aquarius and Leo always come up with surprising, unexpected carnal experiments.

The creatively fun sex drive of the female will keep the male’s desire around the air. With a good sex life, they can bond with each other strongly in spite of all differences and arguments.

3. Aquarius man and Libra woman

This couple will form a healthy, harmonious relationship filled up with love only.

How compatible when Aquarius man in bed with Libra woman?

Intimately, the lovemaking of this pairing is well-matched and never boring. Both belong to air signs, no wonder they are able to create the miracle when it comes to physical association. These two cannot resist the attraction from the other from the first sight.

The relationship of an Aquarius and a Libra in bed is full of beautiful colors.

Of course they do have differences; however, they are able to keep those things aside since both really love each other with undeniable passion. During the lovemaking, they will feel the intensity and warmth of the partner’s body.

For these two, sex is a form of expressing their passion.

In Conclusion

For the Aquarius man, the bed is like his stage. Naturally unique, he will never play one scene in more than two times. So, it’s quite challenging for ladies who want to arouse this guy in bed.

If you want to fulfill his sex drive, try out every position at least once.

In case you keep repeating the same positions in every lovemaking session, your Aquarius will soon get bored of making love with you. He expects complicated variations from you; therefore, always think of new experiments and ask him to try – this will surely put him in an ecstasy of delight.

This guy finds a woman who knows what exactly she wants very charming.

When you are in a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man, there will be no dull moment at all, since he is an adventurous, risk-taking person. If you are finding ways to strengthen this love bond, why don’t start improving your sex life with him?

Check out the art of seduction here and ensure that you turn on Aquarius man in bed the correct way!


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