Best Match for Aquarius Woman (with Top 4 Zodiac Signs)

How well you match with others romantically?

Astrologically, there’s a method to check love compatibility between two people; that’s analyzing their star signs. It’s indeed a fantastic way to determine how well you might be when getting paired up with someone else.

By knowing your potential compatibility with others, it will be much easier to find the right partner and harmonize your relationship for good.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at the best match for Aquarius woman.

Please keep in mind that not all signs below will end up having a long-lasting committed relationship with Aquarius; in fact, they at least get along well together as a couple.

What Sign is Aquarius Female BEST Match in Love?

finding the best match for aquarius -woman

Here is the list of star signs believed to be the best combination for Aquarius woman in love. Again, having good love compatibility rates in the zodiac cycle don’t mean 100% that both signs will get together or have a blissful marriage.

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Take the guidance to make the right choice and wise decisions in your love life; most importantly, don’t rely on the results completely.

Born under an air sign and known as a freedom lover, the Aquarius female is best compatible with:

1. Gemini man

Gemini and Aquarius is a good pairing having a lot of potentials when it comes to love romance. They get along well as Aquarius woman’s easygoing nature feels attracted to Gemini man’s flexibility in everything. In the meantime, he appreciates the way she often respects his cleverness.

We all know Aquarius falls hard for smart brains. In relationships, only two signs that can challenge and stretch her intellect are Gemini and Libra.

Like Aquarius woman, Gemini man is strongly sociable, friendly, and outgoing. This is another similar trait proving why Gemini and Aquarius make a good match with one another. On their first date, there will be lots of conversations and laughter between these two. It’s totally expected due to their mutually outgoing natures.

The only downside of this match is the indecisiveness of Gemini.

Easygoing and independent, Aquarius woman is certain (and stubborn sometimes) with her decisions whether they are small or big. That’s why she usually finds Gemini being indecisive with his own situation is annoying.

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2. Libra man

The relationship of Libra and Aquarius can survive the test of times with ease. This is a classic match built on intellectual conversations and the immense love for freedom. Not only be a romantic couple, they are also best of friends.

Based on their signs’ characteristics, Libra man is calm and diplomatic person, whereas Aquarius woman is friendly, unconventional, and easygoing. When both in a love relationship, they encounter arguments and misunderstanding; fortunately, it’s always the Libra comes and sees if something happens between them.

Libra is one of rare signs that can read what is going on in Aquarius’s head.

Plus, the man under Libra sign is intelligent and that’s really a trait making him attractive to the Aquarius female. When both are together, a positive and optimistic air surrounds them. This woman loves to be round a Libra guy because of his happy outlook.

Is there any weak point from this pair?

Well, it’s probably his self-pity, according to Aquarius ladies. Though it’s not really obvious, she still finds it an obstacle stopping them having a happily ever after.

3. Aries man

How compatible are Aries man and Aquarius woman?

The compatibility rate of these two people is promising. This match has a lot of potential for a happy relationship. Both are optimistic people and trust me, Aquarius loves that positive energy. To her, his confidence and brightness are what beguiling in this relationship.

Aries man is the outgoing and spontaneous type of person that can boost her independent nature and love for freedom to the extreme. In addition, they are adventurous and enjoy all kinds of exotic journeys together. She is impressed with how vivacious and trustworthy an Aries man is, also.

However, one reason that may be a drag on the success of this pair is Aries man’s impatience. He tends to be hot-headed or short-tempered in reality, and this is not a good trait; especially when he has to deal with Aquarius’s emotional detachment and aloofness at times. The guy possibly questions why his partner is so happy spending time alone.

4. Sagittarius man

Sagittarius man possesses many wonderful things that can attract an Aquarius girl to his life naturally. Being together romantically, they are able to complement each other as well as bring out the best in one another. The man impresses the woman with his generous nature, and I must say that matches very well with her kind manner.

What’s more?

Guys born under the Sagittarius sign have a good sense of humor; that makes Aquarius woman falls hard. It’s obvious this lady wants to be with an intelligent, interesting, and funny partner.

Sadly, the weakness of this relationship is that Sagittarius man can be a bit domineering towards his partner. Unfortunately, Aquarius woman and her easygoing nature may feel suffocated with that trait at times. Their stubbornness while arguing also brings stress to Aquarius. In general, this couple will work excellently as long as they communicate to one another before issues create misunderstandings.

Final Words

Summary, the best match for Aquarius woman in love are Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius. While Gemini and Libra share the same air element with Aquarius, the combination of this air sign with two fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) is based on mutual ideals.

Easygoing and kind, it’s not surprising when this lady is compatible with most people. She has many good qualities and can complement others’ weaknesses. Though it may take her a long time to fall in love, she does fall hard once truly opening up her heart.

Aquarius woman is not really compatible with either Cancer or Virgo. Due to their differences in temperament, Taurus and Scorpio are also not good matches for Aquarius as well.


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