4 Common Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You

It seems like your Aquarius crush is not interested in you.

How to know that whether he just ignores you for the hard-to-get game or he really doesn’t like you?

Despite his friendly and outgoing personality, he’s pretty reserved and private when it comes to personal matters. That’s why determining his feelings for you can be somewhat difficult.

No need to worry as we’re going to discuss signs that an Aquarius man is not into you here!

Rather than sitting still and wondering if this airy guy is testing you, it’s better to accept the fact that he actually doesn’t like you as well as figure out the reason why.

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When an Aquarius Male is NOT Interested…

aquarius man does not have interest in me

With the list of 5 clear signs telling how the Aquarius male acts when he is not into you below, you can easily decide whether you should continue chasing him or move on.

1. He doesn’t let you enter his personal life

Did you know that this guy is extremely private when it comes to his personal life?

He may be a social individual but will not let anyone step into his life easily. No matter how close you are to him, this needs time. Don’t be surprised if you find that even his family and friends can invaded in his matters.

Aquarius man has an exclusive inner circle where he only invites those whom he is really close to.

Now, let’s think again: has he ever tried to open up about his inner circle with you?

When an Aquarius guy truly loves you, he won’t hesitate to share all of his deepest thoughts, dreams, and life goals with you. If this man openly talks about his perspective and vision about the future to you, then he truly likes you and wants to share the rest of his time with you.

He will pour all of his secrets once he falls hard for you; in addition, he won’t miss chances inviting over his house so that you will have a look into his private space.

Nonetheless, once you find him make no effort in letting you a part of his personal life, then the answer is surely because he is not into you. Much worse, he may completely ignore you if you keep trying to ask him to share his deepest thoughts.

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2. He doesn’t ask you out

When an Aquarius man doesn’t like you, he will not ask you out for a movie night date.

This airy guy loves movies and is quite picky about selecting the person whom he will watch a movie with. Therefore, the moment he invites you to hang out together, it’s undoubtedly a sign of interest.

He would love to analyze and discuss the film with his companion – this is when you should show him that you’re a brainy beauty. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind sincerely as he gets attracted to women who share the same intellectual level as him.

It’s not normal for an Aquarius man to invite you to a movie.

If he wants you to be a part of any interest or hobby he is investing in, then not only he is interested but he is also testing you. The two of you won’t have long and interesting dialogues for a long term unless you put your effort in learning activities he likes deeply.

In case he doesn’t invite you, then it’s probably because he feels that there’s no deepest interest between you two and both can’t communicate for hours.

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3. He doesn’t make intellectual conversations

Of all Aquarius man fall in love signs, the biggest sign is that he tries to have as many intellectual talks as possible with his love interest. He is an intelligent person, so he always looks for a partner who can be as knowledgeable as him.

Show your smartness in a precise way and he will get attracted to immediately.

He will stay forever if you can engage in interesting conversations that spark a sense of intellect. No matter how gorgeous you are, Aquarius guy will ignore you as soon as he finds out that all you’ve got is just the appearance.

There are times your Aquarius love interest will show up and subtly test your intellectual level, so don’t be surprised. Widen your knowledge will various different topics, and you will be able to pass this challenge.

If he is not into you, then he won’t spend much time to talk to you.

4. He doesn’t flirt

Has he flirted with you ever?

Flirting is one of signs Aquarius man behaves in love because he is a playful and witty individual. He’s serious in a flirty way; hence, he does have feelings towards you the moment he starts to flirt with you.

Once he has a crush on someone, you will see this confident guy suddenly becomes somehow unsure and awkward. However, as friendliness is his nature, he will soon overcome the shyness and approach you with his witty sense.

Observe the way he reacts when he’s around you.

If he tries hard to flirt with you, then surely he feels that you’re a special person. You’re definitely in luck if he brings out his sense of humor to impress you, moreover. On the other hand, you should move on when seeing no attempts of getting to know you from him.

Final Thoughts

This airy guy has an unconventional personality, so figuring out whether or not he has special feelings for you is quite a tough thing.

Fortunately, all the signs above in this article will give you the answer that you’ve longed for awhile.

Recognizing and understanding signs that an Aquarius man is not into you will help you save your precious time. Rather than chasing after him for nothing, it’s better to protect your heart from hurt and live your own life to the fullest.

Check this video and see if your Aquarius love interest certainly likes you or not:

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12 thoughts on “4 Common Signs That An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You”

  1. I’m an Aries women.. I have an Aquarius male friend and I like him. Before we used to talk a lot.. he shared his inner secret with me. But suddenly he stopped messaging..what does it mean?

    • Hi Monicka,

      It…actually depends, really. Aquarius men have so many reasons to ignore people, you have no idea.

      Maybe he’s mad at you. When Aquarius people are angry at someone they often give them the cold shoulder, because they can be quite ruthless and not really think before they speak when they are mad. They need time to calm down, to breathe, to sort their thoughts out.

      Maybe he likes you. Aquarius people tend to ignore the people they like (I know it doesn’t make sense, but they are not good with feelings). When things get too emotional and they get feelings, things gets serious and they may not really know how to deal with those things. They may be ignoring the ones they like because they are not used to those feelings and they just want them to go away because they could ruin everything.

      Maybe there is something going on in his life, and he just wants to be alone. See if it’s just with you, or with others as well. When they are going through issues, they just want to be alone, maybe with a few people around, but only best friends, who understand them, and won’t judge them no matter what. See if he talks to his best friends, to the people really close to him, see if he looks sad or preoccupied (which may be difficult since a lot of Aquarius people are great at hiding their feelings).

      No matter what it is, try sorting things out with him, try to talk to him about something he likes, and casually bring up that you haven’t talk in a while, maybe ask him why. He may acknowledge the fact that you’ve been distant, but if he doesn’t seem ready to explain why, give him space. Don’t back him into a corner, that won’t help. Give him space if he needs, but say you are there for him. It means a lot, really.


    • Hey Monicka! An Aquarius guy here. I think he just wanted some space and could not express it verbally. He let too much time pass and before he knew it, he felt his opportunity of reaching out had passed. It takes time for an Aquarius to come to terms with what and why, he did what he did and reach a conclusion on what he should do BUT expect to hear from him sometime in the very distant future. I’d advise you to reach out at least once if you care. He may be too prideful and afraid to do so at the moment

      Hope this helps!

  2. I’m a Gemini woman and I have an Aquarius male friend that i really like. Before the quarantine we used to talk a lot like every single day a lot and he used to tell me everything. But now our conversations are getting smaller and if i don’t text him first he’d never text me and well being a gem and all i need communication and i don’t want to force anyone in anyway but and i know that i should give him his space but for some reason i don’t know i just don’t know what to ..what does this mean?

    • Hi Indica,

      Aquarius men are unpredictable. They get lost in their heads a lot. They have a million things going on in their lives. If he stops talking to you he’ll come back around when he misses you and start thinking about you again. They don’t ignore people on purpose.

      As an Aquarius, I admit that we do not like to call or text when there is nothing to talk about honestly, the whole being on phone breathing asking what you doing over and over again is tiring for him. If I were you, I would not text him make him think you’re playing hard to get. But, it could be that he just lost interest.


  3. Hi Shirley,

    I hope you can shed some light. Ive known someone for years now but more closely started talking within the last year. For a few months I was getting messages every 10 minutes all day every day. Suddenly he backed off a bit. I thought he lost interest and just let it be, but then I realized he still needed and wanted regular contact but also at a distance. He initiated coming over, and has been over a few times and discusses business and always shares what his plans are. He used to be more open with sharing personal things when we were talking a lot in the beginning but I started being able to tell when something was wrong without him saying anything and I feel maybe he wanted to create the distance so I cant read him lol. Now we are at a point where we talk regularly but sometimes go a day or two without talking. He will even call me and ask if im okay if he doesn’t hear from me. Invites me to trips his friends take as well and we workout together sometimes. But what I dont know is whats going on in his head towards me? And why doesn’t he message constantly like before but still wants to see me?

    • Hi Crystal

      Aquarius men tend to ignore people they have feelings for. Especially if they are friends. But after realization they will start flirting with you or calling you everyday. But for an Aquarius the caller or the first move should always be from their side. So wait for it. If they don’t come around that way and are shy by nature. Just give them romantic stares! They will understand the que. And they are great liars so if they have feelings for you or not will not be revealed until they tell you themselves. But they only shell that out when there are no expectations from them of any kind.

      It is not that they ignore you to manipulate you or something; Aquarius are basically emotionally detached people. Its their basic nature to keep themselves unconsciously away from emotions, they are like this. Its nothing like have some hidden agenda to keep you away or to pull you by manipulating you. You must give them their freedom and time, else it wont work.

      Hope this helps

  4. I had an Aquarius man do all of the above in showing interest. He used to like me too but we parted. Gave all the signs of liking me and even asking me out!I showed him interest too. When I asked him, he said he didn’t like me. Weird! I’ve heard stories of other Aquarius doing this too. Too much games when they immature.

    • Hi dear,

      Aquarians are, by nature, emotionally detached. They like to do their own thing and to let you do yours. Not a good match for anyone who battles insecurity. For me, I have a female Aquarius best friend and I have to reach out or sometimes one or both of us will fall off the radar. But, for lovers, I want someone who will initiate and ask me to do things and go places and share funny thoughts or memes with me randomly. I couldn’t date an Aquarius because I require an even amount of pursuing and attention-giving. I understand, of course, it won’t always be equal, but I won’t sit around always texting someone waiting on them to respond. No time for that. All that being said, Aquarius is naturally distant but if they are into you they WILL reach out to you. Period. Get quiet and see what happens. The longer it takes for him to notice or respond, the less into you he is.


      • Hi Shirley

        I’m involved with an aquarius man I do all I can do any and everything I get go to him for our living situation and right now our living situation is not good at all…when I try to give insight on what he does he always makes the statement that what I say doesn’t make sense or I’m not talking about anything….he doesn’t own up to any of his faults…he always try to find something to put it off on me…when I express my feelings…he says that I’m complaining…I do for his kids like I do for my kids….I haven’t received any gifts from him only a pair of tennis shoes for mother’s day…beyond what I have done and given my ♥ and soul is so confused..simply because he said that he is in it for the long run…I just don’t know….

        • Hi dear,

          It might be a little more difficult than it is with other men, since it’s harder to tell when an Aquarian’s behavior has become stranger than usual! But, speaking generally, being in love is such a powerful experience that there is no real difference for an Aquarian than for anyone else. The way the Aquarian expresses his emotions will be signified more by his Moon sign, and his attitude and approach to relationships will be signified more by his Venus sign.

          A common problem with Aquarian men is being stuck in the “friends” place. You go out with him a few times and wonder, “So does he like me or not?” The issue here is that, while for most people being “just friends” is a dead end and the kiss of death, to an Aquarian, it’s something good! Aquarians value friendship highly, and commonly regard it as the best kind of relationship. So he’s quite happy to stay parked there and doesn’t see it as a negative in any way. But feel free to raise the issue with him; very likely he’ll be happy to talk about it and talk through it. Once he understands that you’re wondering about whether your relationship can be deeper or more committed, he might very well say, “Gee, I hadn’t thought about that—but it sounds great!” It might take some nudging to move him on to the next stage, but he can be moved on.

          If you do get mixed up with an Aquarian man, know that your relationship will not be conventional. He’s a different drummer, and does not think or behave the way other men do. He’s going to surprise you and maybe shock you from time to time. You may never get a rose from him on Valentines Day, but it’s possible that one day, while standing in a supermarket checkout line with you, he might look at you and say, out of the blue, “Do you know how beautiful your eyes are?”

          Or something else as unexpected.


  5. Hi Shirley,

    Fast forward a few months and he is calling me everyday. I don’t want to read into it but I’m confused. Does he or doesn’t he like me? Why won’t he just tell me or act on it? Is there anything I can do to hopefully make the Aquarius progress to the next step?


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