How to Attract an Aquarius Woman (with 7 Effective Ways)

After all, how to attract an Aquarius woman?

For those who want to know how to win the heart of this lady, the first thing you need to know is that she has a strong personality. The woman born under the Aquarius sign will never bow her head easily. In fact, she values her independence, her space, and her own opinions.

If you find yourself have a crush on Aquarius woman, it’s a good taste.

The thing is: you must know that it’s challenging to win over this female. Due to her personality traits, she either falls for you or feels nothing towards you. Plus, she is not the type following your lead.

But don’t worry; here, I can give you tips on how to attract and make her yours forever…keep reading to find out.

7 Ways to Attract an Aquarian Female

attracting aquarius woman

1. Keep her guessing most of the time

The key to maintain Aquarius woman’s interest in you is to keep her guessing. When you start chasing her, don’t quickly lay all your cards out on the table; otherwise, she will get bored easily. Since this lady loves excitement and new things, you should shower her anything intriguing or capturing her attention or imagination.

If she feels like you are not interesting enough, she will ignore you then.

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2. Talk wisely

Words matter a lot if the person you want to captivate is Aquarius.

Though she is not as good as her airy fellow, Gemini, when it comes to communicating, she’s still able to make good talks. She doesn’t like a conversation full of shabby words or not providing her anything useful.

Truly an intellect, Aquarius woman enjoys lively discussions about various topics and can’t wait to hear more of your opinions. When communicating with her, don’t hesitate to express your thoughts and ideas. Nothing can turn her off more than an indecisive guy or someone who can’t even state his own opinion about a certain subject.

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3. Challenge her mind

Aquarius woman loves it when someone challenges her mental keenness. Infamous for being extremely creative, she has an amazing imagination and craves for her mind to be explored. During the process of dating an Aquarius, as I already mentioned that above, you should ask her to do something unconventional together.

Bringing her to events, trips, or journeys that seem to be preferably exotic or strange will give you more points. As long as you give her freedom, comfort and adventures, she will be pleased being with you.

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4. Be confident in yourself

If you want to be in a relationship with an Aquarius female, let’s have a check with your attitude. In case you already have it, she will soon feel attracted towards you. To be one step closer to her ideal type, please remember:

  • Not to be a weak man
  • Not fooling around
  • Not being indecisive or having no opinions

This lady looks for a lover who is self confident and lives his life to the fullest. The man she loves needs to stand up on his own feet and stays independent in everything. She is a strong woman, so you have to keep up with that and at the same time don’t try to change her.

For guys who want to ask her out, just ask directly instead of beating around the bush. Plus, never play mind games with Aquarius as she has no patience for that. Messing around and she will kick you off her life.

5. Don’t follow the crowd

To successfully attract this woman, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Before entering a romantic relationship, she will befriend with you first so that she can get to know you better. Usually she only looks for eccentric friends for her circle. The Aquarius female enjoys being with those having unique personalities and extraordinary lives. If you are the type following the crowd, she won’t feel captivated.

For male individuals wishing to win over an Aquarius lady, keep in mind that you have to be unique in a different way. Don’t try to behave or act like someone you aren’t just to satisfy her, she will easily see that.

If you want her to love you, then stay true to yourself.

6. Respect her freedom

Aquarius woman is a typical freedom-loving girl.

Honestly, she hates the feelings of being tied down or controlled. She can’t stand of jealousy in relationships as it’s too much for her open mind. The reason she values freedom than anything is because she can do whatever she wants at any time using her freedom. The moment an Aquarius hangs out with you; this means she doesn’t feel intimidated.

No matter how much she loves you, she is still afraid of making commitment. Therefore, it’s not a precise move to control or bind her in love. Once sensing your purpose, she will immediately run away.

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7. Avoid schedules

Aquarius woman is an air sign, so obviously you can’t find her interest in household chores or anything requiring her to do things repeatedly. So, you should avoid schedules when being in a relationship with this lady. Rather than chilling on the sofa and watching Netflix, she prefers a date full of exciting adventures and surprises. In order to win her favor quickly, always come up with something new.

You need to work hard and put much effort if wanting to make an Aquarius fall in love as a Taurus; it’s because she never says yes to conventional things.

Final Words

That’s all basic ways on how to attract an Aquarius woman.

You can easily win both the attention and heart of the Aquarius female as long as you have good conversations with wise words with her. At the same time, please be sure you stay true to your actions and nature. Respect your Aquarius lover and let her be herself instead of judging or criticizing her way of living; in return, you two will have a long-lasting relationship.

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  1. What this means in aquarius women is that they can have sex and short affiars without telling you, bcs they think they can manage their relationship / married even with affairs. Being an extremely unemotional woman she is only one to get involved physically repeatedly without feeling emotions or remorse. Thats what all this freedom BS means.
    Go ahead marry one, any culture, you will know. Marriages dont work on UNCHECKED TOTAL FREEDOM OF WOMAN. ITS JUST HOW IT IS CREATED.


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