The 10 Second Text That Will Make Him Smile for Hours

What is the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours?

Decoding the message will be easy when having a face-to-face conversation with someone.

Not only your words and voice tone, but even your body language, gestures and eye contact also make others quickly get the ideas as well as feelings you want to convey.

But, texting is on another level.

With just words and emojis, how can your message get an Aquarius man’s attention, especially when you’re eager to build a closer relationship with him?

Check a few suggestions below!

How to Text an Aquarius Man?

the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours

Aquarius is an easygoing and positive guy.

When texting with him, approach him with confidence and ease so that he will crave to get to know more about you. This guy is quite introverted; therefore, don’t be too flirtatious. He can tell whether you approach him with the temporary interest or pure sincerity.

Aquarius man is afraid of meeting strangers, so it is difficult to fall in love with someone through just a few times exchanging of messages.

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If you want to make him smile for hours with your text, it requires much effort and patience. Simply stay comfortable and true to yourself; at the same time, try to maintain a pleasant atmosphere when texting an Aquarius guy.

When he puts down his guard, the possibility of success will be much higher.

The Aquarius male has tons of ideas in his head. There are plenty of assumptions as well as memories of things they’ve read and seen in his mind. If you send them a question like: “What do you usually do on the weekend?” He will likely give you an audio-book link, a YouTube video, or a review of his favorite restaurant.

Tips to Text an Aquarius Man to Make Him Smile

I’m sure that you love your Aquarius man a lot if you want to know the secret to the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours.

1. Let the heart do the talk

He can smile for a whole day if your message speaks from the heart.

Please stay true to your feelings when texting an Aquarius man instead of faking it. He wants you to be honest about the way you feel, so that what you say will be that much more special.

If he made him feel happy, tell him that!

2. Bring some humor

Look for some memes, fun movie lines online, or hilarious jokes and then share it with him. Aquarius man likes surrounding him with positive energy, so why don’t you give him laughter at the start of his day?

3. Don’t make it long

Remember, you’re trying to make a 10-second text for him to smile, not a novel.

4. Attach a cute picture of you

We all know that men are visual creatures and mostly get attracted by beauty, and Aquarius man is not the exception. So, the easiest way to make him smile is to send him your pictures. You can take the daily photos of you and send each to him every day.

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5. Send your text at an appropriate time

You may be up in the middle of the night writing the message, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t wake him up.

Before sending a text, make sure to pick an appropriate time.

6. Don’t be too mushy

The Aquarius male is known for being emotionally detached and extremely rational in a relationship. Therefore, he can’t smile for hours if you are too mushy and needy via your text.

If he hasn’t said that he loves you yet, be patient or you could make him uncomfortable.

7. Check your text before "send"

When texting a long message, it’s a must to do the proofreading. You may not want any misunderstanding between you and him, so make sure to read the text as least one or two times before hitting the "send" button.

How to Add Humor to Make Him Smile?

You can think of some cute pet names and call him the one you like most.

Research shows that a couple’s relationship is strong when they use the nickname for each other. If being called by the name that Aquarius has never used before, he will feel extra special. Choose something that reminds you of him or relates to an aspect of your relationship.

Like mentioned earlier, you can also add emojis, memes, or funny gifs to make him laugh. I think you all are familiar with this; well, I mean nowadays there are plenty of those things on the social media to choose from. Look for the ones that you find funny and let him chuckle with you!

Guess what? Using the inside joke you have can win him over! Come up with your own joke about something interesting or funny that you guys have shared before.

Let him know how sexy or hot he is, last but not least!

However, don’t use dirty talk with Aquarius man if you’ve not reached that level, or you may scare him.

Keep him curious with your words!

Here is the example for your reference:

"Good morning, my sunflower! I hope I can brighten your day with the fact that you mean so much to me. Yes, I want you to know that! You have made me so happy with everything and it’s just unreal. Every day with you is like an experience! Even when I’m texting this, I’m smiling with the thoughts about you and all the fun we have spent together. Have an awesome day, my love! I love you with all my heart!"

In Conclusion

That’s all for the 10 second text that will make him smile for hours!

If you don’t know how to text an Aquarius man to bring smile to him, this article is what you are looking for. Be sure you speak from the heart when texting your message. This guy wants to see your true self through your words, so make it meaningful and honest.


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