Why are Aquarius so Rare (with 5 Unique Traits)

We are billions living in this world but there are only 12 zodiac signs.

This means millions of people having the same astrological sign. However, remember that all signs are not distributed evenly; in fact, some are rarer than others. According to astrologers, Aquarius is one of the rarest signs.

So, why are Aquarius so rare?

The sun will be in Aquarius at the end of January and stay there a month before transiting to another sun sign. Also, not many births happen in January and February is the shortest month of the year; that explains why people born under the Aquarius sign are rare.

5 Traits Aquarius is the MOST Unique in the Zodiac

top aquarius traits making them special

What is your first impression about Aquarius?

Aquarius natives are unpredictable and always on the go; thus, it’s hard to read their mind and pin them down. Intelligent, sociable, and adventurous, they will leave you mesmerized.

If you want to be in love with an Aquarius, you need to know them well – here are some special traits making the Water Bearer rare and special:

1. They are rebellious

Firstly, Aquarians all have a rebellious side that makes them hard to control. They hate when someone asks them to do this or act that. Don’t force them to change the way they think or behave because these individuals are in fiercely independent. They will distance themselves from you instantly if you make them think that you are forcing them or trying to pin them down.

They don’t have the tendency of following the crowd; indeed, never expect them to do or say the same things as others; these people will do the exact opposite instead.

Due to that, it’s hard for Aquarius to accomplish routine tasks. Unconventional, they prefer to live a life that always brings them excitement.

Also talking about Aquarius, you must know they are true communicators in nature. They can get through all situations just by using words and their communicating skills. When they have strong opinions about something, they won’t hesitate to speak up and persuade others.

They are attentive to listen to others’ issues but also firm in their own opinions.

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2. They are not good liars

Aquarius respects the truth and always seeks for the truth.

Astrologers call them truth seekers and truth tellers who can’t help but craving to access to the whole truth, even if it can leave them painful experiences. We all know Aquarians are eccentric. If certain truths are what they want to hear, they will try all the way to bring it on the surface no matter how hard or complicated the whole situation is.

Smart and creative, Aquarius obviously is good at many things and has plenty of skills but it’s a big NO when it comes to telling lies. You can easily spot if what they say to you is a lie or not because her persuading capacity doesn’t work if it’s not the truth.

As a result, they end up staying quiet.

3. They are emotional but hide it well

Many say that Aquarius is the emotionally detached kind of person; in fact, they can definitely be emotional but choose not to display it on the outside. They won’t be obvious about it compared to other zodiac signs.

Whenever their emotions run high, they will isolate themselves from the world. Don’t be surprised if your Aquarius partner is distant and withdrawn; it’s just that they need to stay alone to reload their thoughts in their own way.

If you try to disturb their ‘me time’, they will get irritated.

Give them space if you feel like they don’t want to talk. An Aquarius in a love relationship likes to keep distance. When they act detached and avoid you, it’s because they need space and freedom. Fearing of commitment is a special quality of this sign – they will run away once feeling suffocated or tied down.

When it comes to choosing a life partner, Aquarius natives make sure they don’t get involved with possessive or jealous people. Let them enjoy their lives in their own way and they will be loyal to you forever.

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4. They are unpredictable and mysterious

Of all zodiac signs, Aquarius is the genius.

A very common trait of Aquarius is unpredictability. They find it extremely hard to cope with dull routines and hate the idea of repeating the same things again and again every day. Hence, the word ‘boredom’ is never present in the dictionary of people born under this sign.

Difficult to predict, you will never know what is going on in their head or what they will do next. They hate monotony but prefer a life full of thrilling adventures. With a trait of spontaneity, Aquarius is fun to hang out with.

5. They are great listeners

What I love the most when befriending with Aquarius is that they are great listeners and often comes with really good advice.

They value friendship; due to that, they can’t just stay there doing nothing when their friends feel down or sad. If you need a shoulder to cry on, Aquarius will be the first one offering it. They will stay up all night willingly just to listen to your story. If there’s anything making you distressed, feel free to tell Aquarius as they can give you wisdom and useful advice anytime.

If you are looking cutting-edge and impersonal answers to your situation, let’s have a talk with Aquarius.

In Conclusion

Why are Aquarius so rare?

These people is unpredictable and unique in nature – truly an unsolved mystery. To Aquarians, life is too short to be controlled or pinned down by anyone else. They are the wild horse preferring to enjoy life in their own way.

Though it takes them a long time to commit, Aquarius is extremely loyal in love. Once they find the right person, they will be faithful and devoted.

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