When Aquarius Woman Ignores You (with Top 5 Reasons)

Aquarius lady is one of the most lovable signs in the zodiac.

She is intelligent, creative, and unique; it’s not surprising that her out-of-the-box charms can easily capture the heart of many. Men love girls with cold glamour, and Aquarius is well-known for that. However, that trait sometimes makes her become an ignorant person and hard to be in a long-term relationship.

Actually if you really understand this woman, you will realize that she is quite an interesting girl. In case you are looking for an adventurous relationship, she is the right match.

Her ideal type is someone with a witty sense and a good communication skill.

These days you realize that she is cold and distant.

Let’s find out when Aquarius woman ignores you and her reasons for this!

Why is Aquarius Woman Ignoring You?

reasons aquarius woman ignores you

As a smart person, Aquarius woman always craves intellectual stimulation. In case you find that she suddenly stays quiet and ignores you, possibly you are too boring for her to continue talking to. She only prefers interacting with those sharing the same intellectual level and able to stimulate her mind.

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But still more reasons explaining why she doesn’t spend time with you, check the following ideas:

1. She is busy with her own works

When Aquarius woman ignores you, she may have a busy time solving her personally and professionally.

Please understand that this girl doesn’t want to ignore anyone intentionally. In this case, she just distances herself from others so that she can accomplish all the goals. Normally the Aquarius female lives in her own world and tends to put aside anything common.

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2. She may ghost you

Have you ever been ghosted by your Aquarius partner?

Maybe what she is doing now is ghosting you. Not that she wants to hurt you; it’s just that she has no time for unnecessary dramas. As an Aquarian, I can tell you that we always try to avoid all kinds of conflicts. Though she may ghost you at this moment, she does feel empathetic with you. Deep down she hates rejection and knows exactly how annoying it is to be rejected.

But still she can’t help but ghosting you sometimes; as results, many claim Aquarius as a distant, uncaring and cold person.

3. She feels hurt

The obvious reason why Aquarius woman acts cold and cut her contact with you are because she’s been hurt, and of course it’s caused by none but you. She may look like an easygoing person, but still some things you need to know to not say or do to her; otherwise, she will shut you off with her silence.

Her ego is as big as Leo and Taurus; hence, never expect to get any sign even subtle when she is in trouble. Aquarius will stay alone in her personal space and talk to no one until she feels completely okay. Later she can come up with plenty of excuses for her distant attitude as long she gets over the hurt.

This lady can forgive you but never forget.

Do something wrong to her and she will use it to against you for months or even years just because she doesn’t talk to you.

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4. She is no longer interested in you

As I mentioned earlier, she will choose to stay silent rather than to reject you. This woman doesn’t want to give a direct answer, and you should understand this sensitive matter yourself. What if you and Aquarius woman are in a relationship and she ignores you? The answer is that she is falling out of love. Don’t force her to respond, or she will lash out and spit out only hurtful words to keep you away.

Nevertheless, she will try hard to stop that possibility happening; this lady will find an ideal time and give you some hints instead.

5. She may like you

There must be a reason why Aquarius woman is unpredictable.

This girl is pretty complicated and hard to read, according to the opposite sex. If you find her pull back and seemingly ignore you, don’t quickly conclude that she doesn’t like you. The truth is that she needs some time to sort out her thoughts and feelings. Of course the Aquarius female can’t open up immediately after the first date.

She always has trust issues with her feelings; that’s why she will shut down and pull away initially. Once everything is reloaded and she finally can understand her heart, she will naturally approach you again and act like nothing happened.

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What to Do When Aquarius Woman Ignores You?

Here are 3 simple solutions that you should do to make her open up to you again:

  • Give her time and space

The first thing you need to do is to leave her alone some time. Give her both time and space so that she can reload and sort out everything. Instead of pushing her and asking for an explanation, simply make her comfortable.

  • Pay attention to her subtle signals

If you think that Aquarius woman is hard to understand, it’s probably because you don’t observe her carefully. This lady frequently gives signals, and you need to pay attention to her to determine whether she likes you or starts falling out of love.

Notice those subtle signs quietly and you will know what she actually wants.

  • Apologize her

Have she stopped talking to you for a long time, haven’t she? Well, if yes, then the problem might be serious. Now let’s think again and figure out what you have done or said to her – maybe that could be the reason she is still ignoring you. Once you know the root, please try your best to apologize.

Final Words

When Aquarius woman ignores you, it’s better to give her space and silently observe her behavior for awhile. She will come back once being calmer and getting better emotionally. If this situation is over one month, then you need to apologize her sincerely before everything gets much worse.

You must know her well so that you can make her feel comfortable and happy whenever you two are together.


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