8 Easy Tips of How to Attract an Aquarius Man

Love can happen to anyone at anytime!

If you find yourself is falling in love with an Aquarius man, what you need to do to make him fall for you in return?

How to Attract an Aquarius Man

A man born under Aquarius zodiac sign (20 January – 18 February) has some detachment issues. This means – attracting him seems to be a challenging task, since he rarely talks about his emotions.

Independence and freedom are extremely significant to this guy.

Due to that, he doesn’t really want to involve in a relationship with deeply emotional women; therefore, do not show your emotionality or any sign of neediness or he will immediately be turned off as well as uncomfortable.

Instead, he prefers the type of woman more practical, logical, and full of energy.

He looks for stimulating conversations in a love relationship.

You have 0% of the chance to tell what is going on in his head. Influenced by an unpredictable sign in the zodiac, Aquarius man is hard to read. As a unique guy, he will (most of the time) come up with many offbeat ideas which often lead him to unusual paths in life.

Having a bottomless amount of energy, nothing can stop him from enjoying this life to the fullest. His curiosity is one of the reasons making him overzealous towards people and things around him.

Women find an Aquarius charming because of his friendliness and quick wit.

However, don’t be blind by his sheer charm as he can turn to someone quite opposite to the man whom you met in the first time. Get to know him more and you’ll realize that he tends to analyze you from head to toes.

He only considers you for a romantic relationship only if you pass his critical analysis.

For ladies who truly are interested in chasing this airy guy, you’ve visited the right place. In this article, I offer some tips of how to attract an Aquarius man, so please keep track till the end and take note if you want.

Secrets to Win the Heart of an Aquarius Man

How to get this Aquarius male to chase you?

No way is he gonna to make the move first!

No matter how much he likes you, he will wait until you take the initiative. This guy wants to ensure that you like him more and see that as his achievement.

When considering how to catch the interest of an Aquarius, you must learn how to approach him on the intellectual level and get close to this male.

First and foremost, he expects friendship from you.

The moment he slowly puts down his guard, you must provide him with love and care so that he can put aside his need for detachment. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can take independence and freedom away from him.

If you decide to be with this guy in a romance, you must prepare yourself to put up with his stubbornness, coldness, and unpredictability.

Generally, he seems like a complete contradiction package.

Have trouble getting your Aquarius-crush obsessed to you? Don’t worry!

In the following are a few secrets that will give you a helpful hand in winning his heart:

1. Become a close friend of him

Become a close friend of him

Being his friend firstly is certainly a wise move while planning to seduce an Aquarius man. One thing is for sure – he will never jump into a relationship right away with someone whom he just meets 2-3 times.

In the matter of love, he prefers to take it slowly; thus, give him time to learn you more and better.

Most Aquarius men have trust issues, so it is no surprising at all if your love interest is also incredulous. The key here is your patience – how long can you wait for him?

Before you can become his partner, you should form a friendship with Aquarius. Even if it is not because of the romance, befriending is an essential factor that anyone should notice when wanting to create the relation with this man.

He believes that a good friendship can lead to an excellent relationship.

So now, make use of your only weapon – time – to make him open up to you. Let’s see if you will be able to be his soulmate as time flowing.

2. Be yourself

Be yourself

Aquarius man will never live up to someone’s expectations.

So, don’t think of following the crowd if you are figuring out the way to capture his attention.

He is the clearest definition of “unique” – this male wants to do things in his own way and is not afraid of being different. In most cases, he only listens and trusts his own voice as well as just chases his dreams.

That explains why he displays a weird yet valid attitude towards people doing things completely opposite from themselves.

It doesn’t mean you have to act oddly or unusually to draw an Aquarius’s attention.

All you need is to be yourself!

3. Positive makes positives

Positive makes positives

Embrace him with only positive thinking. Sounds pretty challenging, huh?

Not only the Aquarius male, but all Aquarius-born individuals have the fear of everything negative. You may see your man as a superstitious or meticulous person somewhat, but he doesn’t want to spend his time with women who have just negative thoughts.

This guy will focus only on the positive side of a problem.

On the other hand, he is not really good at supporting his partner if she deals with difficulties. Anyhow, you should equip yourself a positive attitude before thinking of forming a long-lasting relationship with an Aquarius.

4. Trust him

Trust him

As I told you earlier, Aquarius has issues with trust. Hence, it takes you a very long time for this man to completely put down his fence. The opposite thing is – he will do nothing to prove his trust to you.

Truthfully, he is quite loyal and rarely breaks the trust of anyone.

That’s the reason why he thinks that he doesn’t need to win your trust. He doesn’t even care if he is worth your trust or not; it’s up to you. But, for sure, the Aquarius-born guy will never cause a scar on your heart.

How about you deceiving or hurting his feelings?

Keep in mind that he will never forgive as well as forget.

Regardless which circumstance you are in, you need to be 100% honest and sincere with your Aquarius love interest. Most significantly, don’t try to make him jealous…though he is not the type showing his jealousy obviously, he dislikes that game in love.

5. Make intelligent, deep conversations

Make intelligent, deep conversations

He is an intellect having great knowledge for a variety of topics.

Obviously, he looks for a partner who can join with him in intelligent, thoughtful conversations. The best thing when talking with an Aquarius is: you can freely discuss about whatever topic favorable to you.

Maybe the issue you pick is not his interest, but that’s not matter. As long as you know exactly what you’re saying and share helpful information to him, you will leave good impression immediately.

Aquarius man is all about researching and learning. It’s his curiosity urging him to find and explore new ideas in life.

During the conversation, he will outspokenly state his opinions.

Rather than rejecting those ideas to prove your viewpoint, you should show your respect to his outlook. He will see you as an immature person if you try bringing an argument on the table. Be a grown-up individual in case you want to win over a male Aquarian.

If getting involved in a romantic relationship, he expects deep and intimate conversations. Thus, express your true feelings and display your profound vision to gain the man’s high appreciation.

6. Give respect to his freedom and creativity

Give respect to his freedom and creativity

Many say that it’s like a real challenge to tap into the mind of Aquarius man.

In fact, he cannot be influenced by any factor. This carefree guy has a mind of his own and usually thinks in his own way. Therefore, you can’t force him to change his thinking because of you.

When in a relationship, he values your opinions and expects the same in return.

An ideal partner of Aquarius is someone who can fly with him and encourage him to try anything he’s eager to do. He will run away from an affair which he is likely to be closed in a cage.

When he has set his eye on a particular subject, he will focus his mind 100% on that until successfully achieve what he wants. You shouldn’t ask him to always stay next to you; also, Aquarius man does not prefer the woman too clingy or nagging.

He is very independent, remember?

Rather than keep calling or texting him frequently, you must act as a respective girlfriend. Live your life and let him live his. Simply trust him and he can assure that you two will have a happy life for a long term.

Let the patience set the pace – give yourself time to do things you want while patiently wait for him to finish his projects. He may show up all of sudden and shower you with sweet, loving gestures for your empathy and understanding. If he doesn’t like you, he will never care no matter what you do.

7. Surprise him unexpectedly

Surprise him unexpectedly

Like Gemini, Aquarius is also a sign that get bored easily.

Thus, the key to keep your Aquarian’s interest in you alive as time goes by is to provide him the air of mystery. Or, you can come up with surprises in the most unpredictable, unexpected way.

Depending on the relation phase in which you two are involved, you can prepare an appropriate event for this guy.

For example, give him a thoughtful, practical gift based on his preference once you’ve recently become his good friend. Aquarius man will not accept presents too big and expensive.

He is a creative being – I bet he would get excited if you invite him to an art exhibition where he can enjoy and analyze some incredible masterpieces. When being with the man of this airy sign, you must keep him thrilled continuously.

He dislikes the routine.

If you want him to stick around you, it’s necessary to put many of your fascinating facets on show. Reveal a bit and a bit about yourself so that he feels that you are still hiding a lot unexplored secrets from him.

Keep stirring his curiosity to draw him to you again and again!

8. Do not behave controlling

Do not behave controlling

Do you really want to be with an Aquarius?

If yes, then always note that he is not the guy that you can dominate easily. Compatibly, it’s understandable why Aries and Aquarius cannot make a long-term couple: one want to set the pace while one doesn’t follow rules.

You may want to check out the best match for Aquarius men!

This guy does not want to be in a relationship with just rules and rules as it makes him feel trapped. He has a great love for freedom. Therefore, the best way to capture his heart is to let him spread his wings as long as he does nothing influencing to the romance of you two.

If you are too controlling, your man will think about you as an overprotective partner that may create a crack in your relationship.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t make too many requests from him.

Aside from behaving controlling, Aquarius man also dislikes his girl asking a lot. Once you reach his limit, he will run away from you for sure and your whole progress will crash down.

You don’t have to worry about this guy because he is pretty loyal in love relationships.

Above are top 8 easy tips of how to attract an Aquarius man and make him fall in love with you. Hopefully you can apply these tricks well on your dream guy and easily win his heart.

Despite all of his negative traits, the male Aquarian is still an amazing lover in a romantic relationship. He will commit but definitely not want to commit quickly. It would be like riding a roller coaster when dating an Aquarius man.

Understand the mentioned information and you are able to seduce your love interest based on the basic knowledge.

Are you ready to take this challenge?


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