Are Aquarius Loyal in Relationships? (The Truth EXPOSED)

Are Aquarius loyal?

If you’ve been dating an Aquarius for a while and expecting a commitment, I bet you do have this question in mind.

Together with that, you may now also wonder if you’ve found a loyal Aquarius partner or if your Aquarius is loyal enough to get married.

We all know people born under this sign loves freedom and independence; therefore, it’s extremely challenging to pin down an Aquarian. It doesn’t mean they will never settle down in the future.

How to know if Aquarius is truly committed to you?

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The Loyalty of Aquarius in Relationships

how loyal aquarius is

When we say Aquarius is loyal, it’s not that 100% of Aquarius natives are loyal. Any sign is capable of cheating, but knowing their typical personality traits can help give us a glimpse on their loyalty and tips to make them stay.

Of all signs capable of loyalty and commitment, Aquarius is also on the list.

By knowing what an Aquarius needs, you can keep them around forever and strengthen your relationship.

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1. Aquarius in general

The answer is yes if they take a certain relationship seriously. They will be loyal if there is a mutual amount of love and respect between the two of you. However, if they feel their freedom and individuality is being threatened, they tend to withdraw from it. 

Known as the most free-spirited zodiac sign, they don’t follow the crowd; instead, they walk on their own path and have a unique way of living.

Despite being loyal in most cases, many still see them as a flirt sign. Why? As an air sign, if they have not got involved in any committed relationship, they usually get bored easily and tend to jump from place to place as they love exploring new things.

Dating an Aquarius is fun – whether they are your friend or love, they can bring you happiness and excitement anytime. They will do anything for the person they love and avoid hurting you at all cost.

If your soulmate is Aquarius, then be assured about their loyalty.

The only challenging thing to make them stay is that you need to constantly challenge their thoughts and beliefs. Like Gemini, this sign looks for things that keep them exciting all the times. Otherwise, they will get bored and move on from you at any time.

Since they are independent individuals, they want to see you focusing on your own life instead of being clingy and needy. They get attracted to those having an independent vibe. Aquarius’ ideal type is someone who truly likes them for who they are and appreciate their presence.

2. Aquarius men

So we know Aquarius is loyal, how about Aquarius men?

Once these guys find the person they truly love and want to commit, they will be loyal. But, they need to make sure that their love for freedom and adventure is being respected. A single Aquarius seems to have a lot of different platonic relationships due to their easily getting bored trait.

They will stay faithful and loyal to their loved one as long as that person can challenge and shower them with surprises constantly. When being with an Aquarius man, you’ll realize that he want you to have fun and be sociable instead of sticking to him all the times.

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3. Aquarius women

You may also wonder how loyal Aquarius women are, right?

According to astrologers, they are also considered as loyal individuals in a relationship where their need for freedom is respected. They want to be with someone who is willing to listen to their unique thoughts and ideas. If you want to date an Aquarius woman, never ask her to change her lifestyle or anything else.

Aquarius women will treat others the same way as how you treat them. So, all you need is to be loyal to them in love, and they are likely to stay faithful in return. They don’t like if someone tries to control them or force them to change. Never think of pinning them down, or they won’t remain loyal to you.

This lady wants to see her partner to focus on their own life. Not to mention that she is a great source of support – she will remain respectfully loyal towards you and your own way of life. 

Will Aquarius Remain Loyal as Lovers?

To us, Aquarius is only loyal to the ones they feel truly interested in. If one day they get bored of you, they will move on from to someone new without any hesitation. They can settle down for a committed relationship; however, it takes them quite a long time for their feelings grow stronger.

Most Aquarius are struggled with trust issues and emotionally detached which means opening up towards their partner may have some difficulties. Don’t push or rush them, or they will shut down and run away for good.

Give them some needed time so that both can build a level of trust together; as time passes, the Aquarius’ loyalty to you will grow deeper as well. They will gradually open their heart so that you can enter and get to see many things in their world.

Once you have their trust completely, you will be able to see some of their wonderful unique perspectives of life. 

In Conclusion

So, are Aquarius loyal?

Aquarius enjoys independence and freedom. They are loyal to their lover and love with all their heart. But, if getting betrayed, Aquarius will never forgive. Known for being outgoing, social and friendly, it’s in fact hard to win over an Aquarian.

It is quite difficult to predict what Aquarius will do or think!

Although being faithful is the ideal factor of love, Aquarius can easily get bored if the relationship is boring.

Whether we’re men or women, we all want to test our lover’s loyalty verbally as well as non-verbally. Hope this article will help you determine if Aquarius is the most faithful zodiac sign!

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