How To Get An Aquarius Man To Miss You (With 6 BEST Tips)

How to get an Aquarius man to miss you? Is it possible?

Wonder if your Aquarius partner always thinks of you?

Whether you are in a relationship with an Aquarius man or yearn to win his heart, keep in mind that his feelings are complicated. It’s also not easy to figure out what is going on inside his mind.

He may be social and outgoing typically but indeed is very reserved when it comes to love relationships.

For gals who are unsure about making him keep you fresh on his mind, the following information will help you greatly.

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6 Tips to Make Him Miss You Like You Miss Him

fill his mind and thoughts with your image

This guy not really opens up about his emotions. Before thinking of developing a serious relationship, he needs to be certain that you are the right person for him. Though this sounds frustrated, there will be ways to stir up the heart of an Aquarius.

Since he is not the conventional type, traditional ways will not work out in this situation.

In order to keep this unique man interested or hooked to you, you must come up with something extraordinary. Really, making him miss you is like a challenge. He has to be intrigued when thinking about you; otherwise, he will walk away if you show up with only bland plans.

#1: Give him an air of mystery

Aquarius man is a challenge lover with a big curiosity. Therefore, he expects his ideal lover to be someone who can keep him guessing most of the time. Add a touch of mystery to your personality to make him think of you often.

No matter how many questions he asks you, it’s not a wise idea to give him a satisfying answer for each. You shouldn’t let him know all in once as there will be nothing to make him inquisitive.

Having no clue about you will keep him thinking for days.

You’re advised to reveal things about you bit by bit; for example, plan for a date without giving him too much detail. Be enigmatic about your dreams, goals and everything, and he’ll grave for you and miss you more.

#2: Keep yourself unavailable

He usually takes his time to share with you his feelings as well as admit what he feels towards you. But even if the two of you are in a relationship, things have not done yet as Aquarius man gets bored easily.

There are some times he makes you feel ignored – the reason is probably because you are always available to him. Stop appearing around him whenever he needs you, or you will lose your appeal sooner or later.

Be unpredictable and moody; at the same time, leave him in the space of his own.

Aquarius man needs to be neglected so that he can think about you and miss you. Instead of being next to him 24/7, you should hang out with friends but also let him know that you are having fun times without him.

Your absence will make him crave for you terribly.

#3: Be an independent woman

You need to show your independence to attract the Aquarius male.

One of most obvious sign he falls for you is that he gives compliments on your looks; especially, this guy gets drawn to the lady who can take care of herself well. If you want to be with an Aquarius, you have to be independent and strong.

Prove to him that you’re a confident woman who’s not afraid of standing up for yourself. As he values freedom a lot, you shouldn’t be clingy or dependent; on the other hand, that will be a turn down to him.

Rather than asking for his ideas, plan your life goals as you want and show him you’re capable of achieve them all on your own. If he is truly into you, he will find a way to get involved in your life without interrupting your projects.

Sometimes it’s good to be alone!

#4: Leave things reminding him of you

How to make an Aquarius man want you?

The answer is to stay on his mind…but how? A good idea is to leave a few small items in his house or car. Not everything; in fact, you must aim for intimate things that could refresh the memories about you and make him smile, such as an earring, a bracelet, a hair clip, or anything small and feminine.

Never leave behind stuff like your undergarments or a toothbrush because those will make him run away.

#5: Take advantage of your perfume

Did you know that a smell of a person can conjure up their image?

By that, you can make use of this advantage with the Aquarius male. If he tells you that he likes the cologne you wear, then don’t hesitate to fill his place with your scent – it’s one of best ways reminding him of you.

Take the whole bottle with you when visiting his house. At the moment he pays no attention, quickly spray it to anywhere he usually interacts with. For those who haven’t got a chance going to his place, you can try this on his car or even his jacket.

Don’t frequently change your perfume; actually, this way will work better if your perfume is the kind you use all the time, especially when dating an Aquarius male. Whenever he catches the familiar scent, he will immediately think about you and miss you.

It’s not good if you spray too much!

Rather than overwhelm him, you should be more subtle.

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#6: Be the first to end the conversation

Aquarius men are all about intellectual and deep conversations.

Don’t mind stating your opinions and viewpoints even if he disagrees with those. He’s never into girls following the crowd, so it’s definitely a turn on if you dare to speak your mind.

Nevertheless, don’t let him cut off the conversation first; instead, you should be the one taking the initiative. If you two are on the phone, then hang up first. Let him want you more instead of satisfy him unconditionally.

When you create a good connection with him, he will surely ache for you and wish to talk to you as much as possible.

In Conclusion

So, how to get an Aquarius man to miss you?

All the tips above let you know what you should do to keep this emotionally-detached man thinking about you most of the time.

The best way to make him miss you is to give your Aquarius space. Simply leave him alone and wait; nonetheless, remember not to ignore him purposely or he will be distant from you in return. Similarly, don’t act as a needy or clingy girlfriend because he really hates dependent people.

When the Aquarius male says that he misses you, he doesn’t say it just to make you happy. This guy is rarely emotional; thus, if he misses you, then he truly means it. That’s also when you realize he is seriously interested in you.

If you have any question about this topic, then leave all comments in the section below.


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5 thoughts on “How To Get An Aquarius Man To Miss You (With 6 BEST Tips)”

    • Hi dear,

      1. Whatever is that you need to know about that man…add some more extremity to it and then ask persistently. To avoid such untrue blame or query, he’ll tell the truth, thinking of it as far less damaging than the extreme accusation.
      2. Confront him and ask the question directly and keep staring dead on his eyes. He’d lie many many times….but keep staring, don’t say anything and don’t give the look of finality, keep your countenance as if you know that he’s lying and eventually he’ll cough up the truth.
      3. This technique might be a bit ineffective than the rest….but probably work if the conditions are right. You admit of doing something similar to what you suspect the man to have done. Either he’ll get furious or admit of doing the same. If he gets angry and furious, state with confidence that you know that he does the same. If it’s true, he would hesitate.

      Hope it helps

  1. So i know this aquarius guy m really getting attracted to and we r meeting this week . I need to know what should i do post the meeting if everything goes well? Shall i text him or wait for his text ? Because when i dun text him , he doesn’t as well. So in that case how to be consistent in his life?

    • Hi Sara,

      If you really liked the meeting and just can’t stop thinking about it and the person you were with, do not hold back by connecting with the person. Help things grow and let him know of your fondness and that you really liked his company.
      If you want a person who really really loves you, who really really not even for one second can’t think about you, and who wants to build a relationship of true love, than that man will initiate! If you want someone who treats you like a fling, waiting for you to just text him just so he doesn’t have to go trough the trouble, than text him NOW. Between the two extremes that I’ve suggested, your answer lies somewhere. I suggest the 1st extreme. A man always makes the move!

      In case he doesn’t text you, it could possibly mean that he is being nice and genuine. He is busy living his life and doesn’t think much about you ,but he believes that you are a nice person and doesn’t wants to b in you bad book by avoiding you.That’s not his motive. Tbh we all have know one such person who we know is nice, but we Don’t really think much about them, but if they’ll try to talk to us we’d certainly reply and then forget about it. He simply isn’t initiating conversation but is also not declining any.

      It could also mean that he’s really shy ,and doesn’t wants to bother you with his texts, well u can ascertain that by noticing, if or not he tries to keep the conversation going. If he’s keeping it short and to the point he just isn’t interested in a way u want him to be. He’s just being genuine. If not, then there’s probably something else.



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